August 10, 2022 – Press review in German newspapers

The FBI searched the Mar-A-Lago mansion in Florida of former President Trump. (IMAGO / UPI Photo / Gary Rothstein)
KÖLNER STADT-ANZEIGER explains: “Darth Vader from American politics himself trumpeted this world. Donald Trump wrote that the FBI searched his property in Mar-a-Lago. The president of the United States, who now has more trouble with the judiciary than expecting a possible presidential candidacy. Something like this “can only really happen in broken Third World countries,” lamented Trump. That was easy to predict. If the judiciary takes action against Trump, the US will be an arbitrary state in the eyes of many conservatives, ”noted KÖLNER STADT-ANZEIGER.
LEIPZIGER VOLKSZEITUNG notes: “While not all the details are known to the public yet, speculation can be speculated: a judge ordered a raid on Trump based on circumstantial evidence. It’s impossible for the FBI to act on its own. Trump has been proven to take classified documents with him to Florida when he left the White House. The courts must clarify this. So Trump’s indignation is transparent. Nothing has ever been sacred to populists, much less the rule of law, ‘he says. LEIPZIGER VOLKSZEITUNG.
BADISCHENNETESTENBILDEN concludes: “Overall, the unannounced raid indicates a dramatic escalation in investigations against Trump. It is undoubtedly the target of law enforcement agencies. If it can be proved that he illegally took the documents or even threatened to state secret, they threaten the president up to three years in prison. Above all, however, it could be prevented from trying to attack the White House again because of the legal regulation, ”predicts BADISCHENNETESTENBILDENBILDENICHNICHEN from Karlsruhe.
NEUE OSNABRÜCKER ZEITUNG reads: “Trump’s list of alleged misdemeanors is long, ranging from tax crimes to attempted coup d’état. The prosecution may soon charge charges for the storming of the Capitol on January 6, 2021, with the former president crediting complicity in the violent events. On the face of it, washing out Trump’s dirty underwear publicly may be useful to Democrats who hope the Republicans will lose favor with voters. Congressional elections will take place in November “But would the ex-president’s conviction mean his party?” Asks NEW OSNABRUCKER ZEITUNG.
change of subject. Federal Finance Minister Lindner wants to present key points to the so-called the Inflation Compensation Act. FRANKFURTER RUNDSCHAU explains: “Inflation creates existential problems for the poorest in the country. At the same time, rising energy and food prices will put a heavy burden on middle-class people. Additional help will be needed. precise “The bills are difficult to calculate. The finance minister now wants to focus primarily on fighting the cold progress. Lindner is addressing the following problem: Employees who receive a pay raise have more money. They have more purchasing power as a result. The days of inflation are not over yet. Nevertheless, they have to pay higher taxes. Unless the problem is solved by adjusting the income tax rate, writes FRANKFURTE RUNDSCHAU.
Berlin-based TAGESSPIEGEL warns: “It didn’t take a significant increase in income tax or war solidarity to generate additional revenues for the public budget. Rather, it would be enough to grant privileges to the super-rich that have arisen in the last 30 years.This includes, for example, lower taxation of capital and property income in relation to income from work, and the costs of tax exemptions are not trivial, but cost our society a total of around € 80 billion a year. the often unhindered shifting of corporate profits alone into the shadow financial centers is around 17 billion euros. All the money that is lacking for urgently needed investments in energy, climate, pensions or social justice and not available for more sound finances, complains TAGESSPIEGEL.

LUDWIGSBURGER KREISZEITUNG states: “Lindner’s main goal is to fight inflation, less climate protection, and certainly an end to redistribution. On the other hand, the Greens and the SPD are fighting for this. The FDP in the last three state elections has been disappointing and whose president has clearly lost his popularity, apparently fears for his future again as Lindner reacts more and more nervously, does not believe in the “free mentality à la unconditional basic income” in local public transport. he said, drawing the wrath of those who feel addressed. Some were reminded of Guido Westerwelle, who in 2010 compared the exploitation of the welfare state to “late Roman decadence.” This comparison is exaggerated, as Lindner should know, ”emphasizes LUDWIGSBURGER KREISZEITUNG.

FRANKFURTER ALLGEMEINE ZEITUNG explains: “The planned legal change provides for raising the income thresholds of the tax rate together with inflation. Such corrections also took place in previous years, for example in the last term of office on the initiative of the then minister of finance, Olaf Scholz. As part of the traffic light coalition between the SPD and the Greens, however, there are now considerable concerns that such a tax easing would also bring relief to higher incomes. This time the minister’s proposal envisages not raising the threshold of the so-called tax rate for the wealthy of 45 percent.
Now two voices on energy policy. RHEINISCHE POST says of the bleak prospects for gas supplies: “Germany is still saving. However, the network agency scenarios clearly show: without 20 percent savings in consumption, this is not possible. All efforts are commendable now, but the oath will come in winter: then you will see if the economy and households are saving enough voluntarily. The demand from Hamburg, Berlin and Saxony-Anhalt to have a say in the distribution of gas in an emergency is absurd. When there is a shortage of gas in Germany There is no room for federal folklore in this situation, then action must be taken centrally, ”argues RHEINISCHE POST.

Vechta’s OM-MEDIA newspapers comment on the EU’s gas contingency plan: “It shows once again that EU Member States are neither willing nor able to act together. Because the example of Spain shows that much more can be done. Private facilities such as department stores, cinemas, hotels, and almost all office and business buildings must also match. Specifications could be easily transferred across the EU as a minimum package, with reasonable adaptation to natural conditions. use a relatively arbitrary percentage as your savings target, but just use as little gas as possible. ” This is what the OM-MEDIA newspapers commented at the end of the press review.

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