No more Edersee water for the Weser

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FROM: Matthias Schuldt


Desire and reality meet at the “last stop” in Bringhäuser: Left photo of the full Banfebucht, right view of the current situation at Bringhäuser Bay on Lake Edersee. © Matthias Schuldt

Nothing works since Tuesday: Edersee drops below 40 million cubic meters and the Weser is also turned off.

Edersee – Passenger shipping in the Western Weser region will be suspended, Matthias Gräbner, managing director of the Rinteln tourist center, responds to the request. Endlessly, because there is no rain yet. The first ferry connections on the river are also falling.

Business shrinks with each day of drought. “Even the experience of nature on the river is limited when the water is low,” says Gräbner. What is the future of passenger shipping in a large part of the Weser if the climate trend towards dry summers continues? Graebner also knows that employees who are already missing may leave if the company suddenly goes out of business for an indefinite period almost every year in the middle of the season.

80 million cubic meters of water released from Edersee in July alone

Some people on Edersee shrug their shoulders at the news saying, “There you can see what it feels like” as the Weser was supported at up to 30 cubic meters per second throughout July – and in “economy mode” by “trigger line” to 1.15 meters instead of the 1.20 meters target level for Hanna. mouth. “You have to remember this: 80 million cubic meters have been dropped in the last month alone. This is half of what a full lake Edersee can do before the lower limit of 40 million cubic meters is reached, ”calculates Wilfried Geisler from the Eder-Diemel Regional Association (RVED).

The RVED proposal has been on the table for some time: if Edersee’s level in mid-July is below 125 million cubic meters, the fee will be reduced to a minimum for four weeks. “We are discussing this with district president Mark Weinmeister in September,” says Geisler.

The Edersee became more and more silted over the course of a century

dr On the other hand, Rolf-Jürgen Föllmer, chairman of the Oberweser Interest Group (IG) sticks to the “release line” to manage the “economy”. This rule does not bring any noticeable relief to Edersee in dry summers. In 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2022 there has been no significant amount of rain since April / May. Only last year was an exception.

There is agreement on one point regarding Eder and Weser: it would be good if the volume of the dam was increased again. The sediments carried by Eder have slowly but steadily silted the lake over more than 100 years. Dredging the areas at the beginning of the lake makes sense, says Geisler. The offer is not new, it came from the Waterways and Shipping Bureau many years ago. “It would have to be checked whether it is possible and affordable,” says Claus Günther, Managing Director of Edersee Marketing. IG Oberweser would have no objection either, says Föllmer.

Set up the Edersee bathing platforms based on the North Sea model

Marketing Edersee did not record massive protests from holidaymakers due to the low water level, and the situation with reservations for this summer is good, Claus Günther sums up the current situation. “But no one gets excited when they have to travel this far to swim, especially when it’s weather like this,” adds Edersee Marketing managing director. The losses were especially noticeable in business with day tourists and in water sports, reports. Therefore, he supports any suggestion of sparing use of the dam’s water.

At the same time, however, the region must seek and find ways to allow holidaymakers a lot of experience even in dry summers. “Installing bathing platforms, such as the ones that let you play at low tide in the North Sea, is one such idea,” says Günther. The municipalities of the experimental region would have to come together, gather such ideas and seek allies to implement them. At the same time, plans such as those for a large water park with a natural swimming pond in the new Bad Wildunger Heloponte strengthen the offer for vacationing families in the summer. “It’s a very good idea,” says Günther, judging the concept from the point of view of a tourism expert. At the same time, encouragement from guests would help to increase the income from the planned new leisure facility. Regardless, it is important to continue working and marketing the Edersee-Atlantis theme, “even if as much water as possible in the lake is of interest in the high season” (Matthias Schuldt)

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