Rammstein’s concert breaks the coalition and provokes criticism

The plans for the Rammstein New Year’s Eve concert in front of 145,000 spectators at the Theresienwiese in Munich seem to split the town hall coalition. While the SPD is signaling approval, the Green-Pink List has signaled it will reject the plans at Wednesday’s city council meeting. In addition, the municipal economy official Clemens Baumgärtner (CSU) was criticized on a number of sides.

District committees against the Rammstein concert

The Theresienwiese no longer belongs to the district committee of Schwanthaler Höhe 08, but this Munich district directly borders the open space of Bavaria. Hence, committee members discussed Tuesday night whether a big party, such as a Rammstein concert with 145,000 spectators, was even desired there. The result: most don’t want it. The District Committee 02 Ludwigvorstadt-Isarvorstadt had already made a decision in the same way.

Police advise against big concerts on New Year’s Eve

The Munich City Council does not have to base its decision on Wednesday on the votes of the district committees. But the Greens, the largest group in town hall, are not impressed with the planned big concert. According to Mona Fuchs, chairman of the parliamentary group, such a concert would have to be carefully scrutinized. Nor can the security concerns of the police and the district administration department as the validating authority be erased from the table. In fact, the Munich police are advising against the big New Year’s Eve party.

The Greens criticize the rapid actions of the economic department

In addition, Fuchs criticized in a statement from Munich economic official Clemens Baumgärtner (CSU), responsible, inter alia, for the occupation of Theresienwiese. According to Green politicians, the CSU wants to accelerate the mega-concert through the city council’s holiday senate.

Baumgärtner just last week announced considerations for a major Rammstein concert at Theresienwiese and called on the city council to make a swift decision. Otherwise, the concert promoter would pop up, so reasoning.

Association of Munich sour Cultural Organizers

The Association of Munich Cultural Organizers also criticized the Munich business advisor. For example, the allocation of public spaces to concert organizers by the Munich Department of Economics is opaque and unfair. It was only about two years ago that the Munich organizers were informed by the city’s economic department that the concerts could only be held at the Olympic Stadium. If the number of viewers was greater, it would have to be spread over several concerts. Despite the announcement, according to the association, now suddenly large concerts are planned and held in public places by external organizers without the knowledge of Munich’s cultural workers.

According to the organizers of Tollwood, they were not informed

Accordingly, the organizers of the Tollwood Winter Festival also released a statement this week. The festival has been taking place on Theresienwiese for 22 years and traditionally ends on December 31 with the New Year’s Eve gala. Advance sale is already underway, according to Tollwood organizers.

But the organizers of the Tollwood Winter Festival, according to their own statements, only learned about the planned Rammstein concert on New Year’s Eve from the media. The organizers of Tollwood emphasize that they do not want to stand in the way of a great concert, but also would like better communication from the economic department. The department itself emphasizes that the organizers of Tollwood have not yet signed a contract with the city this year that would guarantee them Theresienwiese.

Most in the city council for the mega event

Despite wide-ranging criticism, Munich’s SPD basically wants to vote for the concert at today’s city council meeting. Group chairwoman Anne Hübner told BR that while she shared the criticism of the Munich economic officer, the SPD could in principle envision a concert the size mentioned at Theresienwiese. Whether the event will actually take place ultimately depends on the position of the responsible county administration department, says Hübner.

The CSU parliamentary group also announced that it would accept the plans of the economic advisor. So most of the city council would agree to use Theresienwiese for the Rammstein concert. Time will tell if the poviat administration department will approve an event on such a scale.

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