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In the midst of the crisis, many SUVs still run in the fast lane. With the market leader, however, there are almost only red numbers.

Once again, SUVs prove to be solid. While the overall market is shrinking again, the high-legged segment remains relatively calm. In numbers: 205,911 new passenger car registrations in July 2022 represent a decrease of 12.9%, while the total number of off-road vehicles and SUVs is 80,523 registrations. This is only 3% compared to last July and is a clear success story under the present circumstances.

SUV registrations June 2022

Consequently, the market share of all-terrain vehicles and SUVs continues to grow, which now accounts for around 40 percent of all new passenger car registrations. Which, of course, is also due to the fact that manufacturers now place the SUV label on everything related to the “Three!” he is not in the tree. Even without a series of car models such as the Mini Countryman or Ford Puma, the segment now includes as many as 120 models. As of July, this also includes the newcomer of the month, the Maserati Grecale, which entered the KBA stats for the first time with 46 units.

A look at the details reveals a lot of light and shade, although comparable models within the same brand group have developed very differently, and the Audi Q3 is a good example of this. Here, there was a significant increase of 17.2 percent compared to the previous year, while the VW Tiguan faces a big negative ahead of a 12.5 percent loss. Overall, VW: In addition to the electric ID.4, which saved the brand’s honor in July with 1,600 new registrations (+ 54%), mourning flags are announced for the other series. A minus 42 percent for the T-Cross, minus 12.5 percent for the former Tiguan team leader. Even Germany’s best-selling SUV, the VW T-Roc, is in the red with -4.2 percent.

Enough of despondency, time for high flyers. And there are surprisingly many of them, almost half of the models available last year are ready. Among the volumetric models, two stand out in particular. The Kia Sportage has doubled the number of new registrations, by 108 percent. And the Audi Q4 (which only launched a year ago) has an increase of 399 percent, which is not bad these days.

In the video: MG EHS

And a country from the title of this post: China is coming. In fact, it seems that the new models from far-off Asia did not land quite like lightning. Because for months now, the three MG ZS, EHS and Marvel models have stubbornly held up in the registration stats, with numbers that are not even so niche. This year, MG sold more than 4,500 SUVs in Germany, and the 1992 Model 01 from Lynk & Co completes the Chinese offensive.

Top 20 SUV registrations in July 2022

model series 22.07 change vs. 21.07 in% 01-07 / 22
FORD KUGA 1412 -48.0 15 698
SKODA KAMIQ 1477 -9.2 8662
SEAT ATECA 1527 25.6 9957
OPEL CROSSLAND X 1564 11.9 11416
VW ID.4, ID.5 1600 54.4 8628
DACIA DUSTER 1.632 15.4 8736
VW TAIGO 1.755 X 9884
SKODA KODIAQ 1.784 26.4 11.090
HYUNDAI TUCSON 1829 24.8 9677
AUDI Q5 1903 16.2 12 594
HYUNDAI KONA 1953 -25.8 14 533
SKODA KAROQ 1953 36.1 13 339
BMW X3 1966 -7.5 14 397
KIA SPORTAGE 2028 108.0 10780
VW T-CROSS 2.168 -42.2 18 918
FORMENTOR SEAT 2.227 47.1 18.899
OPEL MOKKA 2698 -11.5 15 918
AUDI Q3 3.012 17.2 15.832
VW TIGUAN 4592 -12.5 29 306
VW T-ROC 5642 -4.2 32 771

At this point, a look at the Stromer disguised as an SUV is now a must. Many of them, such as the Opel Mokka and the Mercedes EQC, are hidden in the respective series with different drives, but more and more SUVs are only available as electric cars. The VW ID.4 is an electric SUV in July 2022: With 1,600 new registrations, it is not only the best-selling e-SUV of the month, but also comes second in the electric car classification. Thanks to the second place in the Audi Q4 (1,193 new registrations), this place stays in the family. Third place this time belongs to something small: the Dacia Spring mini-SUV is just behind the Q4 with 1,185 new registrations.


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Note: The registration statistics are official data of the Federal Motor Transport Authority in Flensburg. The division into individual classes is based on the key number via the manufacturer. Models that are not available on the German market or that are no longer built may also appear in the statistics. This peculiarity can occur in KBA statistics, e.g. when foreign vehicles are registered for the first time in Germany or vehicles have a new identification number. receive.


The market share of all-terrain vehicles and SUVs is now almost 40 percent. And they are coping in the middle of the crisis. The SUV segment is only slightly declining, while the rest of the market is in tatters. In the segment, which has since expanded to 120 series, there is a lot of light, but also a lot of shadows, as the SUV label itself does not automatically lead to a sales record.

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