The Roaring Festival will take place at Mastholte on August 20

Rietberg-Mastholte (gl) – After a two-year hiatus in Corona, there will be a lot of noise again in Mastholte on Saturday 20 August. There is a lot of music to listen to at the riding school in Hellekamp again. Only the name is new: instead of the well-known “Geoing in Moese”, the event is now called

Rush festival

. Start at 4:40 PM, admission from 4 PM.

“We want to position ourselves more in the country”

“We want to position ourselves more regionally. And “Moese” is a good joke, but it doesn’t mean anything to outsiders, ”explains Michael Langewender from the organization team. Moreover, in the past, most visitors only talked about the “roar”. The last rock festival was held in 2018. “After we slightly failed the Crown Protection Ordinance last year, the frustration was relatively high,” admits team member Christian Bolte. The event had to be canceled only a week before the deadline, “because the conditions did not allow for a comfortable experience at the festival”.

After all, all teams immediately confirmed their participation in the 2022 edition. With “Soeckers” from Münster, “Wisecräcker” from Hanover, headliner “Montreal” from Berlin / Hamburg and “The Holy” from Helsinki / Finland, the framework will be in place from 2020. This year, “Gong Wah” from Cologne and “Keep Dancing Inc.” from France also booked two more bands, thanks to which the line-up is a mixture of indie rock, ska punk, punk rock and new wave. “The bands will surely play the guitar in the festival meadow,” the announcement reads.

He has played hundreds of concerts in 17 years

It is safe to testify to the “Montreal” trio that it becomes more and more popular with age. Snappy songs such as “Schuegersohn der Herzen” or “Zucker für die Affen” contain a good deal of punk rock from amplifiers and humorous lyrics. In 17 years, the group has played hundreds of concerts and has been on almost every festival stage in the country. Now he is finally selling big clubs and festivals as a headliner.

“The Holy” brings a rocky-spherical sound to the “Trouse” stage. The team comes from Helsinki. Photo: Rachel Lipsitz

“Wisecracker” can boast an even longer history of the band: they have been around for 22 years and during that time they have conquered countless scenes. “Ska-Punk with a board and wind instruments” is the motto of the Hannover people who in 2015 during “Getöse in Moese” proved that their sound really takes off at the festival. In June, the band will release an EP with new songs through Tonetoaster Records in Langenberg.

Hot new discoveries alongside old friends

“Soeckers” is a fairly fresh band and they make melodic garage pop. That means amplifiers turned up, British sound, a good deal of melody – all in German. Her current single is called “Sleep with me”. After touring with “Wanda” and performing at the Haldern Pop Festival, “Soeckers” are now a hot new discovery.

“Keep Dancing Inc.” plays rock with synthesizers that radiate a note of the New Wave. Photo: Matteo Verzini

It wasn’t until in their twenties that Louis, Joseph, and Gabrielle of Keep Dancing Inc. they already have the confidence and skills of an English rock band. They play rock with synths that radiate a new wave note and bathe in flickering vocals, but never sell their soul to machines.

Rocky-spherical sound and a great stage show

The five-member Finnish band “The Holy” arrives at Mastholte with two drummers, a swaying spherical sound and a great stage show. Last year they played their first big concerts in Europe and quickly made a name for themselves. With the current album “Mono Freedom” they are now following in their footsteps and have been confirmed at many prestigious festivals, according to the announcement.

The members of “Gong Wah” play in a fuzzwave style that falls somewhere between shoegaze, krautrock and psychedelic rock and breathes the spirit of the punk and new wave era. Live Nima Davari (drums) and Giso Simon (bass) push the songs forward, guitarists Thorsten Dohle and Felix Will provide an atmospheric foundation for Inga Nelke’s singing that hovers over him, which makes “Gong Wah” so unique.

Objective: More balanced and slightly more comfortable

The organizing team has already reorganized itself in 2020 and considered some changes at the festival. “We want to become more balanced and a bit more comfortable,” explains Alexander Sudahl. As such, there will now be more seating, a choice of dishes from local street food vendors, as well as cocktails, wine and beer. Tickets are available for 30 euros at local advance booking offices including LVM Bolte (Mastholte) and Sound-Store (Langenberg) as well as on the festival website and at all Eventim advance booking offices. Admission is free for children under the age of twelve.


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