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Business with the most beautiful weeks of the year is in full swing. Demand is high after years of the pandemic. However, the organizers’ joy is not entirely cloudless.

Frankfurt am Main.

After two tough years of Corona, the tourism industry is celebrating a comeback. The organizers take advantage of the desire to travel around Germany, which was not suppressed by record inflation.

“After more than two years of a pandemic, there is a tremendous amount of pent-up thirst to travel,” says Ingo Burmester, head of Central Europe at DER Touristik, for example. Despite the rapidly rising energy costs, according to industry representatives, sun seekers do not currently have to prepare for large price increases for holidays organized in the 2022/23 winter season. Chaos at German airports is causing discontent among some managers.

FTI boss Ralph Schiller sees the return of the package tour. “Extrapolated from the trend, we will book an average of 15 percent more package tours than before the pandemic this fiscal year,” the manager recently said. In recent months, the demand has been up to 25 percent. higher than in 2018/19.

The trend towards more expensive offers

According to the tour operator, Alltours has already exceeded the pre-crisis level in the current financial year. “This summer season, we are seeing a 10% increase in the number of visitors and more than a 20% increase in sales,” said owner of Alltours Willi Verhuven. “Because our customers treat themselves more, they book higher quality hotels and more all-inclusive deals.”

DER Touristik also sees a trend towards more expensive offers and long-distance travel. Turnover in the current summer season is therefore well above the pre-pandemic level.

No price spikes are expected

Holidaymakers do not currently need to prepare for price spikes in the coming winter season, despite the significant increase in energy prices, according to Burmester. “A largely stable picture is emerging now,” says the manager of DER Touristik. As usual in the industry, hotels and flights for the 2022/23 winter season were purchased a few months ago at the then-current prices, and were therefore correspondingly cheaper.

“When inflation is high, we as tour operators buy on average cheaper than booking sites that currently charge prices. So high inflation tends to favor package tours, ”explains Burmester. The owner of Alltours Verhuven talks about a moderate increase in prices for winter holidays by an average of 3%.

Customers concerned about the airport chaos

Ingo Lies, founder and head of special tour operator Chamäleon Reisen, finds clear words about the chaos at airports in the peak tourist season: “At the beginning of the year, airlines offered many more summer flights than they could have served with their staff. It’s a bit of carelessness. “Airports would allow it too.

According to Lies, a supplier that specializes in sustainable travel was receiving more and more phone calls and e-mails from customers who were concerned about the airport situation. Moreover, after the strong months from April to June, demand flattened with bookings well above the pre-koruna level at the end of June.

According to FTI Schiller CEO, the current holiday boom was unpredictable. But: “In our opinion, lack of preparation for the main holiday season and excessive austerity are causing chaos at airports, for example.” (dpa)

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