Werder Bremen coach Ole Werner: It needs to be improved now!

Bremen – Amos Pieper only needed one word: “Back”. Marco Friedl was a bit more communicative and wrote: “It feels great to be playing in the Bundesliga again.” On social media, many of the professionals at SV Werder Bremen have been enthusiastic recently, now finally back to the biggest so that they can play football on the German scene. And with this they spoke to the soul of many fans who want to see their club right there. Because it was not only at the stadium in Wolfsburg last Saturday that you could hear the short but unequivocal statement: “Finally, the 1st league again!” At the latest when Bremen then presented its convincing first half, there was a growing perception that the green-and-whites could stay longer in the lane.

Now it’s a long way to Weser, after just one appearance in Bundesliga immediately falling into euphoric joy. But even if there should be a pleasantly tickling pulse in some places, described Ole Werner on Tuesday to be sure how the band is handling the newest show. “We always classify everything according to the facts. It is difficult for us to influence what surrounds us “- said the coach Werder Bremen. “We can only make sure that we are working well and develop the aspects that we want to develop further. In our analysis, both are always part of it: we highlight the positive things that were certainly there in Wolfsburg. But it’s just as important to look at what we still need to improve. ‘

Werder Bremen coach Ole Werner after the game against Wolfsburg: “It is important to look at what still needs to be improved”

As an example, he cited the topic of decision making and the question of when to take an action to decide on a game, or when it is better to calm her down at certain times when you have the ball. This was especially noticeable in the second half at VfL Wolfsburg SV Werder Bremen it doesn’t always work. Finally, there was one more point that brought a comfortable eighth place in a not-so-significant table. And if you want to express it in a particularly meaningful way, make the first simple calculation: There are still 39 points left from the next 33 games to stay in the league in the league. Bundesliga to achieve. At least that’s what the theory says, and it sounds simple enough. In practice, however, as is well known, there will still be enough obstacles that are not foreseeable at all at the moment.

That’s why the location Bundesliga for Ole Werner also difficult to quantify. “It’s too early for that,” the coach emphasized Werder Bremen. “The knockout round did not really matter as there are usually very unusual processes and constellations there, no cross comparisons can be drawn yet. Usually it’s the same on the first day of the league. A little more patience is needed in his eyes. “Therefore, it will be five or six match days before we can judge which team is where and what their capabilities are.” And then there are transfer activities that are possible until September 1. “You will be able to judge the teams more or less clearly when you see a few of their matches and you will know what the individual squads look like in the end. There is always a lot of traffic until the end of the transfer window. “

Werder Bremen: Coach Ole Werner still expects transfer actions from some Bundesliga clubs

consequently they have Ole Werner and his assistants were another opponent VfB Stuttgart already scrutinized, but it is almost more important that your skills are visible on the pitch again. “Overall, we need to stay active, the pace of our game, the volatility and the courage to possess – even if there are times when you feel like everything is not working with the first or second action,” demanded the coach Werder Bremen. “Sometimes it can be different than in Wolfsburg and you don’t have a good start. It is clear that we must constantly develop as a group in order to be competitive and be successful on the track. “

Werder Bremen: Leonardo Bittencourt wants to succeed with the white and greens – “We are hungry”

Who, for example Leonardo Bittencourt after the last game at VfL Wolfsburg, I can be sure the team has a coach Ole Werner follows. “We are hungry – and I hope we will remain that way for a long time, even if there are setbacks again,” stressed the 28-year-old, who was also very excited to be part of the premier league team again. “We worked hard for this last year and fell a bit because the promotion was not that easy,” said the midfielder. Werder Bremen And he added: “It’s really fun being able to show our soccer in the 1st Division again with a coach who really has a very good plan and really gets to the team really well – and I think you’ve seen that too.” (mbü)

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