Art Week of City Galleries in September

Sophie Hilbert “Radiant Green Meadow”. Photo: Sophie Hilbert

Art Week of the City Galleries of Berlin from September 2 to 11. Registration for exciting tours to galleries and exhibitions is only possible until August 28. Participation is free.

The 9th Art Week of the City Galleries Berlin (KGB) opens the Berlin art season in autumn. From 2 to 11 September, numerous exhibitions and events invite you to discover the diversity of Berlin’s city galleries.

34 galleries introduce themselves

Workshops, talks with artists, concerts, bike and bus tours and walks show how rich the Berlin art scene is at the local level. The focal point of the KGB Art Week is 38 exhibitions and accompanying events in 34 city galleries in Berlin.

Over 200 participating artists present painting, graphics, photography, sculpture, video, installations, as well as sound and performance. The exhibitions deal with topics such as the rebellious power of art or artistic field research.

In the accompanying program, art meets music in KGB-Sounds, KGB-Young offers workshops for young people.

The KGB tours on September 4 take place on different routes, as well as with assistance
by bus, bike or on foot in city galleries.
This includes visits to exhibitions in several galleries
to the excursion program and exclusive guided tours
and presentations.
Danger! Registration is only required for these free tours until August 28.
by e-mail:
by phone: 0179 127 27 90

Art as rebellion

Within the framework of KGB Art Week, the exhibitions cover a variety of topics. A special role in the exhibition “Battle Cry” is played by “Art as Rebellion” – incl. works by Ukrainian artists Zhenii Stepanenko and Maksym Kho-dak Northern Gallery and Kunstverein Tiergarten You can see

“It’s Brutal Out Here” with 3D work by Lukas Liese, Zoë Claire Miller and Mary-Audrey Ramirez also deals with Gallery on the ground floor with the rebellious force of art. “The state of emergency. Polish photographic art today” in Center for Contemporary Art UAC.

Artistic field research

‘Artistic field research’ in a city, district or immediate area is another topic that plays a role in several exhibitions. this Schwartz’s villa exhibits the works of Andrea Pichl under the title “Dogmen”. Like a field researcher, the artist looks for tips, focuses on neglected architecture in social housing, designing front gardens and houses, and interior furnishings.

As part of the project “Stad (T) raum Fennpfuhl 50”, various exhibitions focus on the urban space in the Lichtenberg district. You can see works from various artistic genres: the “Teilstadt-Mosaik” shows in A gallery in the Karlshorst cultural center abstract-surreal paintings by the artist Wadim Hermann.

In “The Art of the City” by rk – gallery for contemporary art, you can see the results of eight artists and collectives of their artistic searches, “50 years of utopia” continues in studio in a HIGH BUILDING with a 50-year history of Fennpfuhl and Gallery 100 works by the artist Christine Falk can be seen under the title “Seeing the City”.

Artists in the GDR

Another topic is “Artists of the GDR”. FROM Kunstraum Kreuzberg / Bethanien shows with “What is our strength” the contemporary positions of 50 still living artists of three generations, all of whom were born in the GDR before the fall of the Wall, some were socialized under the socialist system and confronted with the transformation in one way or another.

in Castle in Biesdorf is a retrospective of artist Jürgen Wittdorf, whose works are juxtaposed with contemporary works by Veneta Androva, Norbert Bisky, Harry Hachmeister and Bettina Semmer.

this Panków Gallery York dedicates an exhibition of works from his estate to Knoefel, one of the greatest photographers in the GDR.

KGB for young people

With KGB-Young, KGB Art Week is aimed at children, youth, families and – new this year – school classes with a special workshop program. From September 2 to 10, young people under the supervision of artists can try out various artistic techniques, such as collage, screen printing, video, performance and many more.

Visits to exhibitions in individual galleries are the basis for artistic activities in the workshops. KGB-Young is also offering several integration offers this year. Registration is required to participate, details are given here found.

finish the music

The end of KGB Art Week will be celebrated on September 11 with KGB Sounds. Before Gallery in Körnerpark Where art meets music, four bands and a DJ program – all at home in both art and music – provide an immersive audio experience.

Four Ukrainian jazz musicians from Zukor combine elements of hip hop, groove and fusion. Marco Montiel-Soto experiments with audio and sound recordings of trains, birds, animals, bells, planes and lectures from his own vinyl collection.

Inspired by various travels, collaborations and teachers, Andi.Andean creates electronic sound worlds that unite afro, techno, downtempo and dub and awakens the desire to dance. All Frames Crack brings the idiosyncratic influences of coldwave, postpunk, darkwave and electronics to the stage.

Finally, Perera Elsewhere serves a DJ set with a heavy bass sound from global and experimental club music. KGB Sounds will be held as part of the Berlin 2022 Summer Cultural Festival.

Source: Concepts of artifact culture

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