Before the concert in Heringsdorf on Usedom 2022: Interview with singer Lea

Heringsdorf. On Sunday at 19.30 the time has come: German singer and songwriter Lea is coming to Usedom. And: The concert on the sports ground in Heringsdorf by the pier is her first concert on the island. The 30-year-old spoke to OSTSEE-ZEITUNG in advance about her music, favorite songs and performance, but also what she is planning for Usedom.

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Concert at the seaside: Do you really know the place that awaits you in Heringsdorf on Sunday?

I haven’t heard many good things. I’m more likely to be surprised where I play. I think it’s better to just be more comfortable with it. I’ve already packed my bathing suit.

Singer Lea wants to jump into the Baltic Sea on the island of Usedom

Are you staying a few more days?

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My tour schedule doesn’t allow this. On the day itself we will have some free time to explore the area and probably jump into the sea.

Falling dead tired in the evening to the hotel bed …

we don’t travel with our Nightliner. We go at night after the concert and sleep on the bus. Our crew consists of 14 people. Besides, I prefer holiday apartments where you can cook yourself. You’re more independent there. I am a person who sleeps a lot and long. That’s why I usually miss breakfast at the hotel.

Lea was already on vacation in Usedom

Is this premiere on the island of Usedom for you?

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Yes, we have never played Usedom. I’ve been camping on the island before. With a good friend, I went by train to one of your beautiful beaches with a tent, sleeping blankets and mats. Unfortunately, I don’t remember exactly where it was.

Back on stage: What songs can the audience expect?

We have a good mix of well-known songs that you know from the radio, but also songs from the new album. I also have love songs like “Elefant”. This is not a radio song at all, but one of the most broadcast. “Elefant” is a little song about love for my parents. I play the piano alone. This is an important moment for me.

“At three in the morning” is played at a concert in Heringsdorf

Is there also the catchy tune of “Three Hours at Night” that you sing with Mark Forster?

Yes. The song will be there too, full of energy.

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Music has always been a way for me to express my feelings.

Melancholy runs through many of your songs. Are you not a happy person?

Already. Music has always been a way for me to express my feelings. Emotions tended to flow into the music when there was something to think about. When everything is alright, I don’t actually write music and let it all happen. If something bothers me or something is not right then yes.

You always have certain expectations of an artist. But what do you expect from the audience?

(laughs) Very nice question. Of course, you have some hope that people are ready for it and will put you in a good mood. And yet it’s always nice to just let yourself be surprised and see what happens. Sometimes it takes a few songs before people get really hooked. And that’s a nice challenge. Hope you enjoy my music.

Concerts are now valued on a different level.

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Your music that you couldn’t share with the audience for many months because of Corona. What is it like to come back on stage?

At the time, it seemed that it would never be possible again. Getting back on stage is so overwhelming now. Concerts are now valued on a completely different level. It was once taken for granted. I am really glad to appreciate it more now.

If you have the time and feel like a concert, you still have the chance: there are still tons of tickets. So far 2,100 have been sold, but the capacity is 5,000. Tickets available at Adults pay 37.50 euros, children 33.10 euros.

Author: Henrik Nitzsche

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