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FROM: Magnus Reitinger


Clearly visible expressions of opinions of bypassing opponents and supporters: left in Hardt, right in the High City. © Gronau

There are five citizens’ initiatives on the “ring road” in Weilheim. As different as they are: the fact that the city wants to launch its long-awaited poll among the inhabitants of the bypass right after the summer holidays moves them all. Despite the holiday season, there are some activities planned.

Weilheim – Two are fighting for the bypass, two want to prevent it completely, one does not want it in the east of the city: the spectrum of civic initiatives (BI) dealing with the theme of the Weilheim “bypass” is wide. Not only do their views differ in terms of content, but also the visibility of alliances.

BI does not plan any activities at all

While the three initiatives critical of the bypass have often attracted attention and have staged several large demonstrations in recent years, “Citizens’ initiative for the future of Weilheim“A small public action. The group founded in 2018, which clearly supports the Western bypass (and also puts up the relevant banners and stickers), still exists, says Stefan Helmenstein, one of the initiators. The site that was originally set up is no longer available, but the posts are posted on Facebook again and again according to their own number of currently 197 followers. This BI, however, is not planning any follow-up to the upcoming Weilheim City Citizenship Survey – “because we believe that the citizens’ questionnaire is correct in its current form, ”explains Helmenstein in response to an inquiry from Tagblatt.

Use for “factual information”

Established at the beginning of 2019, BI “Relief now‘- known for their yellow banners calling for the’ way of help ‘- are intensifying their activities. According to press spokesman Andreas Schalk, further action could not be coordinated “due to the holiday season” until the end of August or early September at the meeting, but the website will soon be used to “offer help with decision-making”. “In view of the emotionally imposed debate on the road of relief, the increasing polarization and the half-truths that continue to circulate,” the initiative, which also initiated the mapping of street noise in the city of Weilheim, deals with “providing facts and facts based on information about the bypass,” writes Schalk. We are not positioning ourselves in relation to any particular path, but we want to “help citizens decide to vote in the citizens’ poll”.

Additional long-distance traffic was feared in connection with the expansion of B2

“For nature protection, against the Weilheim bypass” is fighting against BI “House 2030”, the oldest of the five initiatives. As a sensible decision in the citizens’ survey is “impossible without correct and balanced information”, the website is currently being expanded, says spokeswoman Karin Knöthig: “There we show that the ring road can hardly relieve the city center, but it means a great loss of nature. and local recreational areas. The planned motorway extension B2 from Munich to Garmisch (and to Austria), with a section of the Weilheim bypass, will burden our region with additional long-distance traffic. It is also criticized that “the study period was unnecessarily selected immediately after the holidays”. Advance discussions are currently underway with alliance partners, according to Knöthig.

Planned vigil at Oststrassen

These include the “Bürgerinitiative Marnbach-Deutenhausen in front of each Weilheim eastern bypass“, Which nowadays wants to hang new large banners in the east, warning of” Burner 2.0 – building a highway through the back door “. According to one of the speakers, Josef Niedermaier, a vigilance on the eastern routes is also planned in September. By means of a torch they want to make it clear that there will be a “burning fire” with a bypass around Gögerl, Hardt and Dietlhofer See. The activities are also informed on Facebook under the slogan “No Weilheim East Bypass”. In addition, BI is participating in the “alliance of action against B2 expansion in Weilheim and the surrounding area”, which was founded this week by numerous associations, parties and initiatives (own report below).

Larger activities on a large scale

The latter is also “Protection community of Gögerl and Weilheim East” active, reveals Sissi Windele, one of the spokesmen, when asked by the daily newspaper. It is important to “gather very broadly and provide broad information” and there will certainly be “larger campaigns” for public polls at this level – but these have not yet been discussed. While the initiative he represents is geared towards the East, Windele insists that they are “against all ring roads.”

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As you know, some activists have criticized that the planned form of the Citizens’ Poll could induce citizens to vote on the circumvention in question 1 only to be able to then vote on what they consider to be the “lesser evil” in the question variant. Windele does not want to get involved in such considerations: he hopes that when asked whether a bypass should in principle be built, “as many as possible will mark” No “- and not speculate.”

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