Munich: City Council Decision – Rammstein may organize a concert

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FROM: Sascha Karowski, Lucas Sauter Orengo


Rammstein vocalist Till Lindemann (right) during the show. © Malte Krudewig / dpa

Is Rammstein playing a mega concert on New Year’s Eve in Munich’s Theresienwiese? The city council has now given the green light.

Update on August 10, 3:25 pm: Angry shouts, reprimands from the chairman, and even threats of criminal charges – Wednesday’s debate in the Munich city council would probably please Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann, known as the provocateur. It can certainly be expected. The most famous German metal band can perform for 145,000 guests on New Year’s Eve at Theresienwiese. The city council made the decision by a majority of votes. However, only if the organizer, the Leutgeb agency, has submitted a reliable safety and noise protection concept by then. Until this is approved, no tickets should be released for sale. Economic Officer Clemens Baumgärtner (CSU) now has to clarify whether the agency will agree to this. The approval for Gabalier’s concert, organized by Leutgeb on the exhibition grounds, was not issued until the Friday before the event. On the other hand, the past has shown that Rammstein concerts sometimes sell out in less than an hour.

Rammstein concert in Munich: City council agrees to New Year’s plans

In the period preceding the meeting of the holiday senate, a debate took place (we informed), which was taken aloud in the committee. The chairwoman of the Schwanthalerhöhe district committee, Sibylle Stöhr (Greens), spoke again of concerns about the safety of visitors, noise protection for residents and a possible precedent. After all, the events at the Oktoberfest site are regulated. “This opens the door to other interested parties. And it doesn’t matter if it’s Rammstein or Kastelruther Spatzen. “

Similar objections were raised by the Green parliamentary group, whose leader Mona Fuchs warned against haste. There are too many unanswered questions when it comes to safety and protection against noise. “We have already rejected incidents when security authorities noticed the threat.” And this is what both the district administration department (KVR) and the police have.

Rammstein concert in Munich: the city council agrees to the New Year’s plans – the organizer must present the plan

The head of CSU Manuel Pretzl replied that the city council will not decide today that the concert will actually take place, but only whether the organizer will in principle make the village available for the concert. “Then the organizer has to develop a concept, if he fails, it will not be a concert.” This applies to both safety concerns and noise protection. Stöhr had previously argued that the Rammstein concert would not be silent, but filled with sound all the way to Aubing. However, the organizer announced that special boxes will be used.

“Munich wants to be a big city, so we are open to it and see what is possible,” said SPD leader Anne Hübner. But whatever the decision of KVR as the approving body, the SPD will be behind it politically. “We will not press anything that is not ready for approval. “This objection was sparked by the chairman of the session, Katrin habenschaden (Green Party), who made it clear that it was clear that the approving body would not be affected. “I find it indecent,” Hübner thundered. Far from influencing the administration. Meanwhile, the Greens did it all the time.

The left boss, Stefan Jagel, had previously shot Judge Baumgärtner. Receiving September 2020 for the “Art and Square” event was a huge event. But that’s not a problem with Spezln Baumgärtner. For this he was reprimanded for his injuries. And Baumgärtner threatened with legal consequences if Jagel did not apologize. It did not happen. Till Lindemann would like that.

The first report from August 10, 2022.

Munich – They had been arguing for a long time, opinions were very different. On New Year’s Eve, the Rammstein band is to play a great concert at the Theresienwiese in Munich. Now the city council in Munich has basically allowed the concert. Now the ball is in the hands of the organizer who has to come up with a safety concept.

Munich: Rammstein concert on New Year’s Eve? The City Council approves the plans

The city council of the FDP / Bavaria faction tweeted after the decision: “Make the first, second problem: We are pleased that the majority of Munich city council have opted for the Rammstein New Year’s Eve concert in Wiesn. However, the district administration department also has to agree.

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