“The expansion of green climate solutions is more important than ever”

During his visit to the heating company Viessmann, Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz emphasized the importance of the heat pump as a future solution for the energy and heating transformation. HLH accompanied the Chancellor in Allendorf.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz as a guest at Viessmann: “I have seen high-tech and state-of-the-art technologies that generate heat and protect the climate.”

Photo: Viessmann

A major railway station in northern Hesse: At the Viessmann headquarters, Scholz learned about sustainable heat generation, production and development directions. In his statement, the chancellor also referred to costs and warned that life must remain available. “I have seen high-tech and cutting-edge technologies that generate heat and protect the climate. This is undoubtedly a very important project – not only of Viessmann, but also of Europe, the federal government, the Federal Republic, the nation and the whole world. I am very happy that the technologies I saw here today are technologies from Germany. I am also thinking of my own economic prosperity, which results from the fact that it develops, produces and promotes here. We still have to import almost all of our energy, which is why the expansion of green climate solutions is more important than ever. As the use of fossil resources becomes more and more expensive, financial expenses are expensive. Especially in the context of the Russian restrictions we are currently experiencing. “

Less fossil resources to strengthen future profitability

“But not only. In fact, we decided we would be CO2– you want to become neutral. This means that the demand for the right equipment and technology will increase, but it also means that prices will not fall as quickly. But life must remain accessible to people. The economic side is very important. If we can take on a pioneering role here, if we can use fewer fossil resources, it will certainly strengthen our future profitability. There are many good things here in this respect so that we can make progress in the next ten, twenty, thirty years. “

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