9 reasons to vacation in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Of course, those who go on vacation in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern usually travel directly to the Baltic Sea. The Mecklenburg Lake District north of Berlin offers great family vacation spots with lots of water activities. I was with my family on the beautiful Fleesensee and I will show you why the Göhren-Lebbin region is perfect for a family holiday.

# 1 Beach feeling in the middle of Mecklenburg near Berlin?

If you live in Berlin, you can drive to the Baltic Sea in 3-4 hours. But it doesn’t always have to be the sea, which has been quite crowded since June anyway. Last year we spent a week in the middle of the beautiful Mecklenburg Lake District, only two hours drive from Berlin.

Actually, my dad was also supposed to come, but, contrary to expectations, unfortunately he did not get a vacation. And so my then two-year-old daughter, grandmother and grandfather spent a week in a holiday apartment in Fleesensee. This pretty lake with a sandy beach and a boat dock is 161 km north of the federal capital, in a rural region that actually lives off tourism. So everyone is prepared for visitors.

We stayed there for a week at the end of July and it was pleasantly empty and not crowded. We found our apartment via FeWo-Direkt on the outskirts of Göhren Lebbin near the forest. The holiday resort consists almost entirely of holiday apartments and several private detached houses, which are also often rented out. So you have a large selection and apartments or rooms of different sizes, directly on the beach below or on the hill in the village of Göhren. The lake is connected to two other lakes, so you can look for rooms or apartments in the area.

Almost like in the Baltic Sea, right? Only with fewer waves.

# 2 Car-free to the beach: daily shuttle to the beach

The city of Göhren-Lebbin is a bit more branched and divided: the part of the center with restaurants, the castle hotel and the family village is located on a hill. To get to the beach and therefore to Fleesensee, you go downhill through the forest for 30 minutes. We did it too. Here, I recommend the handcart, in which the two-year-old sat very comfortably and let herself rock along the well-developed forest path. Of course, this can also be experienced very well on the bike.

However, if you have a lot of beach luggage with you, there is an excellent service: several times a day a small shuttle bus runs from the village to the top directly to the bathing beach and on to the small marina and marina. So in the morning we were taken with a bag and luggage and returned in the afternoon. The bus stop was right in front of the apartment. The shuttle costs are paid by the tourist tax which you have to pay anyway.

Fleesensee Beach
The weather was mixed, but digging near the lake is always possible.

# 3 Everything perfect in one place: a Swedish style holiday in a family village

Our holiday home had everything we needed for three adults and a child. But during our vacation we discovered a much nicer accommodation for families in the small town of Göhren-Lebbin, where we actually stayed more often – The Beech Resort Fleesensee. The holiday complex is designed like a small Swedish village and has apartments and wooden houses of various sizes for all types of families. Practical: The “Village” has a buffet or a la carte restaurant in the center, a pizzeria, a corner shop with fresh rolls and trinkets and lots of activities for children. We didn’t stay there but we ate there and were allowed to use public playgrounds and the like.

Apartments Beech Resort Fleesensee
The family village is very nicely designed and is a paradise for children.

The organizer is ideally suited for families, which is why there are playrooms for children, outdoor playgrounds, a climbing wall, an adventure pool, a mini zoo, mini golf, handicraft workshops, a go-kart rental and much more. You can even pick up your laundry from the laundry room and deliver cooking boxes. Best of all, Beech Resort also offers babysitting services from babies to teens, so as parents you can take a deep breath. The food in the restaurant was varied, fresh and affordable. My daughter especially fell in love with the self-service carousel. Some families told us the stay was really pleasantly quiet and nice despite all the kids and the different family apartments.

Buk Resort carousel
My daughter fell in love with this little carousel. She could make it spin by pressing a button.

# 4 Everything you need in the village

Advantage of a holiday village: everything you need is in the village. In theory, you don’t really need a car, so to speak. There is no big supermarket so you have to drive towards Waren / Müritz. But the local organic market has fresh bread, fruit and vegetables, and plenty of chilled and dry foods. There are various snack bars, also with kebabs and companies, a small corner shop, an ice cream parlor, a bank counter and a gift shop. So everything you need for a beach vacation.

# 5 Eat chic, stay overnight and play golf at the Hotel Schloss

If you prefer something a little more sophisticated and on a slightly larger budget, you can also stay at the Hotel Schloss Fleesensee Castle. The hotel is primarily intended for golfers as the spacious golf course starts in an adjoining pretty park and stretches through the forest to the beach. A real paradise for golf lovers, and the castle’s kitchen is supposedly very good. During the spring and summer season, a number of concerts and events take place there. Tripadvisor reviews are consistently positive.

# 6 From alpacas to water sports: there is something for everyone

The best thing about the Fleesensee holiday region: you never get bored. On a hot summer day, you can lie on the sandy and meadow beach, children kick or splash in the water. Active people can learn standing rowing, windsurfing or kayaking. You can go for long bike rides or hikes on the lake. The bike paths are well developed. There are also horse stables and alpaca farms nearby, and in hot weather you can take a boat trip from Göhren Harbor. My daughter loved the ship. Unfortunately the alpaca farm was too far away as we didn’t have a car with us during the week and my husband just picked us up and brought us back.

Fleesensee shipping
Exciting for children and in any weather: the boat trip from Fleesensee to Kolpinsee and back.

You can find out what else awaits you in terms of action in this video:

# 7 A wonderful landscape of lakes and meadows

The lake area is rich in forests and meadows. You can watch sheep, cows and horses graze with the camera or discover waterfowl. Unfortunately, we did not have bicycles with us, but we met many families on the bicycles. So it is not enough to lie by the lake all day, but you can also spend time actively on the shore and in the adjacent forests and meadows. A little higher towards Kirch Poppentin is the bee trail and nature trail, as well as a beautiful viewing platform.

Fields and meadows in Göhren
The surroundings of the lake are characterized by meadows, meadows and groves.

# 8 Beautiful sandy beach with play area?

Another advantage for families with young children: the lake has several grassed lawns, but also areas with sand to dig directly in front of. In a nearby café you can rent sun loungers and sip an aperol or coffee comfortably and watch your child build sandcastles. The only thing my daughter didn’t like is that the bottom of the lake is a bit rocky. But in this respect, it is also unique. All children are different! We definitely enjoyed the opportunities to play and climb and there was enough space on the large lawn for ball games and the like.

# 9 Stay right by the lake?

When you travel with your baby for the first time, you probably want to make it as easy as possible. You don’t need a lot of space then, or maybe you want to quickly get to the beach and return to the room if your toddler does not calm down? Then the Tui Blue hotel with rooms of various sizes right next to the port with a small private hotel beach and an internal wellness area might be for you. You are within walking distance of the water or you can also walk to another beach and bathing areas within minutes. You are further from Göhren. But you can go there by the mentioned shuttle bus as well as stop at the described hometown, zoo and company.

Hope I was able to whet your appetite in the Mecklenburg Lake District. Anyway, last year’s holiday week turned out to be very nice and we will definitely go there again. Grandma and Grandpa loved it too. But this year we’re going to Iceland first. I’ll tell you about it too.

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