At the Dachshund Club in Bracht, dogs learn for the exam

A visit to the Dachshund Club in Bracht
On short dachshunds for the dog test

Bracht even attracts dachshund owners from the Netherlands and Belgium. This is due to the local section of the German Teckelklub. We visited her for a dog test.

The German Teckelklub 1888 has a local Brüggen-Bracht group in Bracht at the end of the Amersloher Weg. Not only do dachshund lovers meet there and train their dogs, but also tests are held there. The Brachter section of the German Dachshund Club has been in existence for more than 45 years. “The local group is very much influenced by the hunting community,” says coach Thorsten Schumacher (45). About half of the members come from Belgium and the Netherlands. For example, Marianne Rouleaux, 65, comes from Belfeld, the Netherlands, northeast of Reuver. He loves the convenient location and club grounds. Dachshund owners are not only attracted to Bracht from the region, some even live outside Düsseldorf. The Dachshund Club has 86 members ranging in age from 20 to over 90 years old. During the Corona pandemic, many new members learned about the group.

Dogs are as different as their owners. “The Wirehaired Dachshund is available in three different sizes and the fur colors are dark gray, leafy brown, black and chocolate brown. There are also short-haired and long-haired dachshunds in different colors and, as a relatively new species, the slightly striped tiger dachshund, ”describes Thorsten Schumacher. The Dachshund – also known as the Teckel or the Dachshund – is considered extremely confident. Therefore, training should start with the puppy – especially if you want to use it for hunting.

On this day, eight owners and their dogs compete in the companion dog test. Coach Michael Heyn goes with them to the forest. Heyn keeps the almost one-year-old dachshund Ida on a leash, while its owner is hiding in the woods. Together with the judge Susan Alenin, who came from Duisburg, Ida then goes to the starting point from which she is to find her master, always keeping her nose close to the ground. This makes the young female dog very determined. At the end of the exam, Susan praised Alenin: “She’s really nice laced up and has a good pace of work.”

    The dachshund lady Ida is off the path.  Judge Susan Alenin watches to see if she's doing everything right.

The dachshund Ida is off the path. Judge Susan Alenin watches to see if she’s doing everything right.
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“This is the first test that everything is built on. The goal is an obedient dog, ”says Schumacher. The group’s behavior must be calm and calm. The dog must obey commands – especially “stay”, even if the dog is very distracted. In the extended test, the dog’s nose is trained. Other tests involve the behavior of the dog during the shot and contact with water. “The Dachshund is a hunting dog, you have to encourage him, challenge him through his nose, it is extremely important. We also train the holders at the other end of the line to keep them relaxed ”- emphasizes the coach. “Consistency is very important in training,” adds Marianne Rouleaux.

During the summer months, four coaches work in the local Bracht group, who also regularly train themselves. If trainers are present, the space can also be used during the week. “Everyone has a focus so we are well positioned in the club,” says Schumacher. On site, bei-toe running is practiced on poles that have been set up. You can also jump over obstacles without a leash, there is even a small pond for swimming tests, a separate agility zone and a fenced place for puppies. Once a month, the course and the clubhouse are held together. “Some members don’t have a dog anymore, but they are willing to engage and look after the object,” says Thorsten Schumacher. Sometimes hiking tours are organized and a long weekend trip to the Eifel is organized once a year. “Pleasure is very important here,” says Marianne Rouleaux cheerfully.

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