Enthusiastic reactions to the successful festival premiere of SHALOM-MUSIK.KOELN / For a week, visitors * could experience Jewish music in Cologne

Cologne (ots) –

The new festival focuses on diversity and builds bridges between different musical styles – from classical music, through klezmer music, to urban DJ sounds.

– More than 8,000 concert guests at over 63 events in 23 locations
– Full concert halls and great enthusiasm for the “Long Day with Jewish Music”
– International world stars as guests in Cologne
– Israeli club night with performers from Berlin and Tel Aviv in cooperation with c / o pop
– Concert in the synagogue in Cologne as a worthy ending

“Great performers and arrangements”, “surprised by the fantastic variety of Jewish music”, “funny and also a little Kölsch”: such enthusiastic comments have been heard all over the city over the last week – often related to the question: “When is the next such offer? ”

Long lines in front of the venues, concerts full to the last seat and happy artists and spectators show: The launch of the new music festival SHALOM-MUSIK.KOELN under the patronage of the premiere of NRW Hendrik Wüst was a complete success. On August 4-11, visitors had the opportunity to meet Jewish and non-Jewish musicians in selected places in the city and embark on an extraordinary musical journey of discovery. The musical offer showed the diversity of Jewish music, from medieval synagogue music, through classical and folk music, to two premieres of the composer’s avant-garde. In his greeting, the patron saint of North Rhine-Westphalia, Hendrik Wüst, sums it up: “The city of Cologne and the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia symbolize diversity and cosmopolitanism. We are proud of it. Let us work together to ensure this. Jewish life is seen for what it is: a living and visible part of our society and a formative part of our culture. ”

Sounding accents, big names and touching stories

The cultural association “Kölner Forum für Kultur im Dialog eV” (KFKD) and the synagogue community in Cologne as cooperation partners have initiated a new format that will be celebrated biennially in the future in Cologne. “Our concept worked,” said Claudia Hessel, festival director and chairman of KFKD. “We managed to get as many people as possible to experience Jewish music live and in the middle of the city. Some even heard it for the first time. Our success proves us right: we will go on. ” Abraham Lehrer, chairman of the synagogue community in Cologne, was also enthusiastic about the wonderful response: “We are very happy about this great success as we have managed to reach many people and give them a better understanding of part of our Jewish culture. ”

The theme of the first issue was “Trust,” and it covered the Jewish themes of sadness and joy. The varied program offered many sonorous accents, big names and touching stories: just an inaugural concert with the Minister of Federal and European Affairs, International Affairs and the Media and the head of the North Rhine-Westphalia State Chancellery Nathanael Limiński, or a performance by the world-famous jazz quartet around the trumpeter Avishai Cohen in Cologne Flora sold out to last place. All other events attended by world-renowned artists such as the baritone Dietrich Henschel, the singer Sharon Brauner, the Cologne opera singer Dalia Schaechter and the theater magician Adrian Schvarzstein were admitted free of charge. all NRWs enjoyed using it. More than 5,000 people were particularly enthusiastic about “Long Day with Jewish Music” with its 17 programs, in which nearly 70 Jewish and non-Jewish artists took part.

Israeli electro pop, musical theater on a tram and a klezmer star as a surprise guest

The unusual format developed in collaboration with c / o pop was also very popular: the Israeli club night in Cologne-Ehrenfeld was offered by Ryskinder and The White Screen electro-pop from Berlin and Tel Aviv. With a unique blend of modern sounds and Hebrew singing, young musicians represent the current development of Israeli-Jewish pop culture. Street theater magician Adrian Schvarzstein and “Camerata dei Folli” from Vilnius provided a unique musical theater event. Dressed in costumes from the 1930s, they surprised the passengers of the KVB Schalömchen-Bahn with a lot of music, dancing and singing. The musical journey through time continued as far as Frechen and ended with a surprise concert in front of the door of the former synagogue.

The Picon trio presented a highly acclaimed performance of a Jewish tango, and as a surprise they hosted Helmut Eisel, Germany’s most famous klezmer clarinetist.

There is no doubt that the ending of such a diverse festival was also something special. At the SHALOM-MUSIK.KOELN finale in the synagogue in Cologne, the La Morra ensemble, led by harpsichordist and flautist Corina Marti, searched for traces of early Jewish music in Spain, Italy, Germany and Poland in the 15th and 16th centuries. André Kuper, president of the Landtag of North Rhine-Westphalia, Henriette Reker, mayor of Cologne and Anne Henk-Hollstein, president of the Rhineland Regional Council, also attended the evening.

Ulrike Neukammund program manager Thomas Hoeft was pleased with the “tremendously enriching meetings with the audience and musicians and the many positive reactions.” Norbert Oberhaus, c / o pop chief, can only agree: “The success of the Israeli club night at the SHALOM-MUSIK.KOELN festival proved that the combination of various cultural influences between Tel-Aviv and Berlin is not only successful, but also particularly well received. by the audience in Cologne.

“Enthusiasm for Jewish music is the best protection against anti-Semitism”

The mayor of Cologne, Henriette Reker, was also enthusiastic about the festival and is looking forward to its continuation in two years: “Cologne has once again demonstrated how diverse and open the city is at the Jewish Music Festival. Cologne Cultural Forum in Dialogue to give an opportunity for exchange even after the festival year ends, because enthusiasm for Jewish music is the best protection against anti-Semitism. The festival explained: Jewish culture belongs to Cologne. It deserves a prominent place in the city’s cultural calendar. ”

In a very emotional e-mail, a native American woman who has lived in Cologne for over 30 years thanked the festival organizers for this “healing moment” in her life: “I had mixed feelings here all these years, but as I heard Jewish music filling the air throughout city ​​in the streets and concert halls of Cologne on Sunday, played and sung by the Jews, it seemed that the Jews were regaining their place in the city. The colony welcomed them! It opened something in my heart.

Panel discussion organized by the Cologne Cultural Forum in Dialogue with experts on the topic “What is Jewish music?” – incl. with the musicologist and pianist prof. Jascha Nemtsov, which was previously broadcast on WDR 3 – reached many listeners all over North Rhine-Westphalia. You can read and listen to it at www.shalom-Musik.koeln

An academic conference is also planned for autumn, which will discuss the issues of Jewish music and Jewish composers.


New Music Festival for Cologne and North Rhine-Westphalia

Funded by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, the city of Cologne and LVR, the Forum for Culture in Dialogue in Cologne, among others V. organize a music festival gathering Jewish and non-Jewish people. Kölner Kulturverein has set itself the goal of enabling dialogue and exchange on socially relevant topics in cooperation with public and private partners.

SHALOM-MUSIK.KOELN is funded by the Ministry of Culture and Science of North Rhine-Westphalia, the City of Cologne and the LVR. The cultural partner is WDR3.



More information at www.Shalom-Musik.koeln and at https://www.facebook.com/forumkulturdialog.koeln

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