On the way with Waldmaus Wusel: adventure tour in Marbacher Hardtwald – Ludwigsburg

Building a tower is not only fun for Lian and his brother Quinn, but also for their mother Maren Wöhrbach. Photo: Ralf Poller / Avanti

The forest adventure trail of the Ludwigsburg County has reached the eastern municipalities. During the trip, young and old have a lot of fun and can learn something.

For children, a walk in the woods with the family can be terribly boring – or a lot of fun. The Wusel forest mouse in Marbacher Hardtwald near Frühmesshof between Marbach-Rielingshausen and Aspach will take care of the latter until September 11. There, an equally varied and informative, approximately two-kilometer long circular trail devoted to the forest mouse begins and ends. From the forest xylophone to the forest mikado, to the wooden boxes that the brave can reach to feel what’s inside – an idea that Julian Seybold, now an apprentice at the forestry office in Ludwigsburg, has implemented especially for Marbach – there is something for everyone.

After Marbach, he goes to Oberriexingen

Wusel has already approached the experience of the forest for adults in some places in the county. It started in the west of the district, now it is the turn of the eastern cities. He travels from Marbach to Oberriexingen, then hibernates, and then sets off again next year at the start of the Easter holiday.

She has been a visitor to Marbach since last Friday, but the news of how fun it is to follow in her footsteps spread very quickly, of course, not only there, but also in the surrounding towns. On Thursday afternoon, during the official inauguration of the adventure trail, with the participation of the district forester Jürgen Weis and Julian Seybold and the first city councilor of Marbach, Franziski Wunschik, there was a real buzz in the forest. Not only the children, but also parents and grandparents had a great time at twelve practical positions.

Quinn and Lian, who came from Erdmannhausen with their mother Maren Wöhrbach, liked the bare path, the long jump and tower building the most. A puzzle with a tree puck, which when properly arranged gives not only a round tree puck, but also the letter W – like a wusel and a bush mouse – even some adults did not give it a rest until they folded it. And the trunk of the tree with its various worn indentations encouraged people big and small to stretch out on it and gaze up at the blue sky, in front of which several spruce trees swayed gently in the gentle summer breeze.

Some tasks are really hard

“I think it’s great,” marveled Barbara Wucherer from Kleinbottware, who went on an exploratory excursion in the woods with her friends and children. “We’re so foresters anyway.” The forest is quite densely populated now, and it is also quieter, she admitted, “but it’s nice that there is something like this for children.” The animal figures hidden at some stations are also quite difficult: “We found all the animals, but it wasn’t easy.”

There was an idea for Waldmaus Wusel and an adventure trail in the Corona period, reports Jürgen Weis: “We were no longer able to offer guided tours in forest education, so it was clear to us that we needed to find a replacement where families could go on their own “. And Julian Seybold adds: “The forest must be experienced with the senses.”

Unlike Hardy’s path, there is no permanent configuration

Weis says Hardtwald was particularly suited to this. “Although we have the Hardy Path as a permanent facility between Kleinbottwar and Großbottwar, Hardtwald covers a large area on the border of the district, so Erdmannhausen and Rielingshausen also have something at their fingertips.”

Various colleagues from the forestry office developed ideas for individual stations and put them into practice. Katharina Gassen managed them, says Seybold. And of course, they put a lot of love into their work, as evidenced not only by the large wooden forest mouse that can be used to mark the size of various animals. Even the former forest playground on the Römersträßle, whose equipment had to be gradually dismantled due to its age, has been slightly diversified by the construction of a new forest adventure trail. Now, under the watchful eye of Wusel, you can “balance as light as a feather along the tree trunk.” Despite the empty city vaults, the forest playground has never been forgotten, assured Franziska Wunschik: “This is part of our playground concept and should be revived.” Yes so in the future it will be a game and fun in the woods again long after Wusel has packed his suitcase and moved on.

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