The first phase of Mittendrin Berlin! Decision 2022/23: Six contributions have been nominated for the second stage.

The first preliminary decision in the current competition “In the middle of Berlin! Projects for Berlin centers “ he fell. The six nominated localization initiatives now have until 23 January 2023 to qualify their contributions with support of € 3,000 each and professional advisory services and to expand their network. From these further developed applications, the jury will select up to three winning concepts in February 2023, which will be implemented in the locations by autumn 2023. The jury is composed of representatives of the initiators – the Senate Department of Urban Development, Construction and Housing together with IHK Berlin – as well as the Senate Department of Economy, Energy and Enterprises, private partners from the economy and technical experts.

The theme of this year’s competition excerpt from In the middle of Berlin! he reads LEVEL ZERO – Ground floor in sight. We are looking for creative ideas and concepts that have the potential to liven up the ground floor and contribute to greater diversity and frequency of visitors to shopping centers and high streets. The competition is part of the Berlin pilot project ‘Managing partners in shopping centers and high streets’ of the national urban development policy.

Senate Construction Director Prof. Petra Kahlfeldt, Senate Department of Urban Development, Construction and Housing: “Berlin needs bustling shopping malls and streets, which need the commitment and creativity of local actors. That’s why the Mittendrin Berlin competition! so important because it promotes creative impulses and makes a significant contribution to strengthening local communities and networks. In our developed city, the use of the ground floor is particularly important, and this is reflected in this year’s competition motto. The six nominated works are successful examples of creative, community-oriented ideas for the subsequent use of the ground floor and the enhancement of public space. Thank you to all participating initiatives, because I just took part in Mittendrin Berlin! may be an impulse for further work on the construction site. ”

Stephan Schwarz, Senator for Economy, Energy and Public Enterprises: “The nominees presented exciting and innovative concepts to revitalize and strengthen our streets and shopping centers. As a decentralized metropolis, Berlin is particularly focused on creative ideas for empty spaces and new stimulus impulses for mixed applications. This competition helps ensure that our neighborhoods remain diverse and sustainable, and the initiatives selected provide an important impetus to strengthen urban spaces and make them attractive to retailers, residents and visitors. It is particularly important to connect economic aspects with the issues of social and urban planning. I congratulate all the nominees.

Robert Rückel, vice president IHK Berlin: “Attractive and varied ground floors with sustainable use concepts are essential for bustling shopping malls and shopping streets. The six selected projects are examples of the innovative strength of Berlin and the creativity of cooperation between the individual locations. The submitted competition entries also shed light on the most diverse districts of Berlin with specific challenges and are proof of the scope and importance of the Mittendrin Berlin! Competition.

The jury chose the following initiatives for the next edition of the competition:
Tempelhofer Damm eV Entrepreneurial Initiative (Tempelhof-Schöneberg)
The group’s goal is to modernize the public space along the Tempelhofer Dam and the surrounding green spaces. The implementation of various activities in the areas of mobility, arts, culture and sport should enable more diverse applications and thus increase the attractiveness of the location.

The pedestrian zone of the Wilmersdorfer Straße eV working group (Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf)
The initiative aims to use temporary interventions to show alternative uses for free shops on Wilmersdorfer Strasse. The various uses are to be tried as examples that may provide perspectives for further common good uses.

Wilhelm does not rest eV (Pankow)
Thanks to the “Planning for Reality” method, residents and local actors in the Pankow district of Wilhelmsruh will be able to exchange information about their place of residence and shopping in the near future and contribute their ideas and ideas directly. Specific measures that can improve the offer on the high street should be derived from this.

Advertising association Bahnhofstraße Köpenick eV (Treptow-Köpenick)
The initiative aims to improve the quality of life on the Bahnhofstrasse in Dammvorstadt, make better use of the existing potential and create a place for relaxation and walks. Together with the local urban community of Mittendrin Berlin! a “deceleration concept” should be developed, under which, inter alia, temporary mobility alternatives to car traffic will be provided.

We at Weitlingkiez (Lichtenberg)
The group’s aim is to develop an “attractiveness strategy” for Weitlingstrasse in Lichtenberg. An important part of the project is the opening of the neighborhood space “Weitling vier3” under the slogan “Im Kiez! Bottom! For the Kiez! “, In which, inter alia, opportunities for participation in specific target groups, cultural events and regional products are to be offered.

Leipziger Straße eV Interest Group (center)
The group’s aim is to contribute to the redesign of Leipziger Strasse in Mitte from “transit space” to “city lounge”. The main idea is to develop a mile of culture along the ground floor zones and to develop a coherent open space concept. For further implementation steps, the association aims to transform into a non-profit company with limited liability.

Further information:
In the middle of Berlin! Projects in Berlin Centers is a competition organized by the State of Berlin together with IHK Berlin and other private sector partners. The competition honors the ideas and concepts of local actors and local communities that strengthen city centers and shopping streets in a special way. In the middle of Berlin! supports new forms of cooperation in the field of urban development and economic development within public-private partnerships. Mittendrin in Berlin! He supported 32 localization cooperations in the implementation of their projects with a total value of over a million euro.

More information can be found on the mittendrin website and on the @berlinmittendrin Instagram channel.

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