There will be fewer concerts at Bassun Open Air in 2023

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FROM: Frauke Albrecht


Oliver and Gaby Launer are looking to take a step back in 2023 and cut down on the number of shows. © Bassum Open Air

Oliver Launer is disappointed. Bassum Open Air reaches many people, but not enough Bassumers. Therefore, niche concerts should be omitted.

Bassum – The summer of 2022 in Bassum was the festival summer par excellence. It felt like there was a concert every weekend. The organizer Oliver Launer draws a positive conclusion. But it also makes it clear that it will be a lot different next year. Then there will only be two concert weekends. “And only those who we believe will make money from them,” said Launer. This means: No more niche shows. He also gives the reason – but glances back.

Goal for 2016: Outdoor workshop for Bassum and Bassum residents

“I started in 2016 with the intention of doing something for Bassum. For Bassum and the people of Bassum. And now I have to say that the people of Bassum do not appreciate it at all. ‘ Launer is disappointed. In recent years, he has always tried to cover a wide spectrum, to offer something for every musical taste. “It wasn’t about making money for me,” she explains.

He consciously included the missing concerts in the program. “Because I knew Oerding, for example, would pay the costs back to another, slightly lesser-known artist.” But now I ask myself, “Why should I risk it when the Bassumerians won’t come at all?”

Vino Bar: The last day of opening is December 23rd

There will be another innovation in 2023, but this is not about the festival, but the Vino Bar. “It’s all too much for us. We still like to do it, but we both work. The Launer couple decided to close the bar at the end of the year. “The biggest problem is finding qualified employees. It’s a lot of fun for us. By Bassum standards, the strap is really well received. You can make money on it, but only if you are in the store yourself and do not need staff. We cannot afford it in the long run. ”

Oliver Launer hopes to find a successor. “It would be a pity if the offer had to be withdrawn.” They both still want to take their Christmas business with them. “Last year was great.” As a consolation, they set up a mulled wine stand, since there was no magic in the hut. “People were very happy. We had great evenings. ”

The last day of opening of Vino Bar is December 23. Launer hopes to find a replacement by then.

How does Launer know this? He challenged the sales data. “This year I walked around the grounds all festival days and was surprised to find almost no one I know,” he says. So he made the trouble of asking the ticket offices where the tickets were bought. The result surprised him: “Only four percent of tickets sold were bought by Bassumer.” 96 percent of buyers come from the region, many from far away.

Launer lacks recognition from the people of Bassum, and also from the official side. The mayor did not attend any of the concerts. Anyway, I haven’t seen him. He wasn’t even there to look or say hello to people or stop by the Red Cross, which is faithfully carrying out its duties.

Launer disappointed with the city and the mayor

The city of Bassum is also holding back financially. Launer applied for a grant – wishing 500 euros for each concert. He got a promise that the city would pay 500 euros if he lost at the concert.

“This year alone, I had € 70,000 in marketing costs. We even had radio commercials. Honestly, Bassum couldn’t have wished for better advertising. I do not understand this.”

Launer explains the prejudice: “People always think we make a lot of money with the festival. They only hear the number of tickets sold. However, few people realize that we are paying horrendous sums for artists and incurring high operating costs. I have always emphasized that we are glad that we are in the black. And that was taken seriously. “

We only offer concerts that we think will pay off.

He wants to change course in the future. “There will be no small concerts anymore. We only offer concerts that we think will pay off. The minimum is 1,500 visitors. “

He is pleased that the praise comes from strangers and from outside the city. “Many wrote to us and thanked us. The couple from Osnabrück even came twice because they liked it so much.

Balance 2022: Launer has sold over 16,000 tickets. “We are pleased with this, considering that we sold around 43,000 tickets between 2016 and 2019.” Also positive: “The weather has never been as good as this year.”

“Sudzi” gentlemen from Słodki, because 3500 euros in a taxi costs

The biggest surprise for Launer was Versengold. “I didn’t know them at all, never heard their song before. But from the first sound I flashed. I even danced and sang ”. Launer doesn’t know each other that way. “Versengold is pure emotion.” That’s why he wants to try to get the group back next year.

The biggest disappointment for him was the concert of Vicky Leandros. Maybe also because he had waited for it the most time before. “We only had 400 visitors.” But it was not only the uncertain sales that surprised him: “It’s not hitting top marks anymore. I was disappointed.”

On the other hand, the contact with the artists was very nice again, although there are certainly differences. Sweet gentlemen were really “bitch”. Food, transport, accommodation – the elderly gentlemen always had special requests. “For this evening alone, I had to pay 3,500 euros for a taxi ride,” reveals Launer. The crowning glory was that two of the group did not want to stay overnight, but in a five-star airport hotel. For Launer, this meant doubling the cost of the taxi as the rest of the group had no problem locating on site. “It’s about gritting your teeth and smiling. Because it’s in the contract, ”says Launer.

The most important thing from the Diepholz district: Every Saturday at 7:30 a.m. by mail – register now for free.

The more he liked the uncomplicated musician Uriah Heep. “It was Klein Wacken in Bassum. They were just in a good mood. ” Milow and Johannes Oerding would be fun too.

The large number of concerts this year was due to Corona. The festival was canceled in 2020 and 2021 and the performances were postponed. Launer is glad that only ten percent of tickets have been refunded. “I talked to other organizers. It’s a good stake. I’m really happy with it. “

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