Rammstein concert on New Year’s Eve: advertising medium or a security risk?

Munich – Some are waiting for New Year’s Eve in Munich with great expectations, others with anxiety. At Theresienwiese, Hartmann’s Rammstein troupe in Berlin wants to really get torn apart on the last day of the year. 145,000 visitors are expected to arrive in the central square, where the Oktoberfest will kick off in just over a month.

Criticism and concerns about the Rammstein concert in Munich

It is doubtful that this will actually be the case. There are serious safety concerns, especially on a night when police, fire and emergency services are already under heavy pressure. The Loveparade 2010 in Duisburg is a warning sign with 21 deaths. Local concert organizers are also surprised that what has always been denied them should now be possible, namely a big concert in the city center.

“We are currently experiencing tremendous demand for live events,” reports Michael Furtschegger, Global Head of Entertainment at Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS): “Fans are hungry for live events and larger organizers are recording record numbers.” After the blockades and restrictions for concert organizers were over, concert and festival actors expected a new boom, which of course also raises new questions about the safety of such events.

The Rammstein concert easily replaces the New Year's Eve fireworks.  Here Till Lindemann performs in Aarhus, Denmark.

AZ poll about the concert: Should Rammstein play in Munich on New Years Eve?


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Till Lindemann (right) fires a flamethrower at a Rammstein concert.

Rammstein concert: why approval takes so long


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The lack of staff comes at the expense of security

Like many other industries, the entertainment industry is also struggling with staff shortagessays the insurance manager responsible for insuring these incidents. According to a study by the Professional Light And Sound Organization (PLASA), almost 70 percent. of the surveyed companies at the end of 2021 reported a shortage of qualified employees. Engineers, technicians and stage technicians were in particular demand. According to Furtschegger, the lack of security personnel could become a particularly acute problem. This could lead to the authorities not allowing the event. For other safety-critical tasks, organizers would need to ensure adequate screening of suppliers and contractors.

According to the Allianz expert, many new festivals must undergo a new risk assessment. The industry is very innovative when it comes to finding new premises. While organizers of established festivals such as Coachella in the US, Tomorrowland in Belgium, and Rock am Ring in Germany should be relatively familiar with the dangers of their venues, new and untested venues require different risk assessments, emphasizes Furtschegger.

The Rammstein concert could have a worldwide advertising effect for Munich

This is especially true of Rammstein’s plans for Munich, which were announced relatively quickly. Usually, such mass events have a one-year deadline, which additionally increases the skepticism of security authorities. After two modest years of coronation, the gastronomy and tourism industry in the metropolis of Isar is once again looking at the euro. As proposed by the Labor and Economic Department for the city council, the Rammstein New Year’s Eve party “will attract considerable attention to Munich far beyond the city limits” and will have a worldwide advertising effect. This major event will “function as an advertising medium for Munich as a place of culture and tourism” and will lead to increased sales in the hotel and catering industry.

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