Aral Open Schwarzenbek: The Atomic Playboys team is warming up hundreds

Aral Open

The concert and party band Atomic Playboys is warming up hundreds

The best atmosphere at the last Aral open-air concert – Atomic Playboys took care of it, playing rock and pop hits from AC / DC to Neue Deutsche Welle.

Photo: Monika Retzlaff

The atmosphere at the last concert of the series this year was great. The organizers reveal whether it will continue next year.

Schwarzenbek. “What a heat. The only thing that helps is clapping, singing and dancing “- joked Sascha Kränkel, band leader Party band Atomic Playboys at the beginning of the fourth and last callrtes series of events Aral in the open air next to the bridge in the city park.

All this didn’t help in the heat – even in the evening it was still 30 degrees – but it distracted from sweating. Hundreds of guests came to the concert, and as the summer evening progressed, more and more of them got carried away by the music and the fantastic mood of the band. The Hamburg-based musicians presented a show that led through today’s top of the charts and yesterday’s best: the spectrum ranged from AC / DC hard rock songs to Neue Deutsche Welle and the hits of Nena and Klaus-Lage -Tape.

There was a bit of a chill at the refreshment stands. Some of the eight sponsors had refreshments there and summed up the concert season. “We are all very happy and happy that the concerts could take place,” said Tobias Lemke of BadPort, who was there for the first time as a sponsor and will be part of the sponsoring team again next year. In addition, the entrepreneur enjoyed himself on stage for a short time, welcoming the guests and the band at the beginning.

Aral Open: Sponsors also help with the organization

In addition to Lemke’s companies, there are the Aral René Riedler gas station, Edeka-Center Kratzmann, the provincial brand Nord von Torben Bliß, the law firm Weber-Kahl-Schaumann, the company Nordic Yoga, the construction company Günter Studt, the shipping company Markus Reich and the locksmith Dreves are supporters of the event. “Sponsors also help with the organization. A total of about 20 helpers are on duty each time to prepare and organize the concerts – said the organizer, Michał Nowak.

The season started on April 30 with Move Manniaxx as “Tanz in den Mai”. The evening ended with a fireworks show, which usually only takes place at the last concert. “This time we had it on the program at the first concert, because we didn’t know if Corona would thwart our plans and the first concert would also be our last. It was a gamble. That is why everything was done under the slogan “Trust”. But it was a fantastic season – said Nowak happily.

The weather was also good. In previous years, the umbrella was often one of the urgently needed accessories for festival visitors. Music lovers could leave him at home this time. Each concert evening took place at “Kaiserwetter”. After concerts under the bridge had to be canceled in the last two years due to the pandemic, the Schwarzenbekers have now managed to resume furiously. In June, the Bon Scott team created a lively atmosphere, in July the Schwarzenbekers celebrated Die Toten Ęrzte with the group – always in the best weather.

Atomic Playboys offered a varied performance on stage

The party people were always in their best moods enjoying the music, hanging out with friends and partying. “We went to three concerts this year. It was just beautiful, ”said Larissa Mauch, delighted. The 23-year-old came with her boyfriend Yazan Thib. “We celebrate here with friends and the atmosphere is great,” he said. “It couldn’t be nicer. The music is especially good last night. The band plays a lot of hits all over the world, you like to sing and dance, ”said Melanie Hinrichs.

Atomic Playboys also offered the audience a varied stage show with colorful costumes. With Nena’s hit “99 Luftballons” they threw huge balloons at the audience, and later vocalist Sascha Kränkel carried himself through the audience on the shoulders of the guests to encourage people to sing and dance from above.

On Saturday, the festival’s twentieth season ended in a fantastic way. The first concert on the bridge took place in 1999. Then Crazy Crackers from Reinbek played there at the opening of the city park. The music festival has established itself – and the Aral Open Air Festival is now eagerly awaited every time. The sponsors and organizers most likely want to face it again next year.

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