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– Summer fun with the mayor –

On August 4, there was a special excursion as part of the Christmas fun: a day with the mayor of Walldorf at the Technik Museum Speyer.

20 children have registered for it. The excitement and expectation of the young participants could be felt in the morning at the meeting point of the “Rathausvorplatz”. The children were greeted by Heike Käller, director of sports and culture, and Lukas Sogel, a trainee in the city administration, and were presented with Walldorf badges and caps.
Mayor Matthias Renschler welcomed the children to Christmas fun. “We will definitely have a great day together,” predicted Renschler.
He was accompanied by two children, Julia and Jonas, who complemented the care team during the trip.

The bus departed on time and drove the cheerful group straight to the Technical Museum in Speyer. Michael Baumgart was there waiting for the next hour and a half to explore the museum grounds. Michael Baumgart was able to get with the children many interesting details about the impressive objects that surround the vast area.
The planes, which can be seen both indoors and outdoors, made a special impression on the children. Antique vehicles and trains, as well as ships and submarines, also attracted astonishing glances.
Of course, the children had a lot of pressing questions. Michael Baumgart patiently responded to children’s hunger for knowledge. With great empathy, humor and professionalism, he placed museum objects in the historical context, never getting bored.
During the tour, the children took place to share their knowledge at some point.

The highlight of the trip was the inspection of the wide-body Antonov An-22 aircraft, which with a wingspan of 64 meters and a curb weight of 114 tons is one of the largest propeller aircraft in the world. Michael Baumgart vividly described how the machine landed at Speyer in 1999 to remain in the museum. Needless to say, the group gladly complied with the request to board the plane and examined the internal operation of the machine with curiosity. Upon entering the aircraft, many looks suggested disbelief that such a huge plane, when fully loaded, could move through the air as easily as a bird.
It also won the respect of the mayor. “It is really fascinating to be able to observe these monsters in the air up close,” says Matthias Renschler.

After all the great insights and views the tour has offered so far, a break and refreshments in the restaurant were the order of the day. Meanwhile, the children took the opportunity to review the collected impressions. A few more were to follow.

After lunch, Michael Baumgart led the group to the space exhibition Apollo and Beyond. There, the children admired, among others the original BURAN space shuttle and the original Soyuz Mission TM-19 landing capsule. The unique exhibits at the exhibition also include moon rocks.
After this next attraction, Michael Baumgart said goodbye to the children who at the end of the trip went to the IMAX Dome cinema.
On a huge dome in the auditorium, the viewers were taken on a journey to “The Wonderful South Pacific World”, which told the story of a 13-year-old Jawi islander who lived aboard the coastal ship “Calabia”. the floating class that created the fascinating world of the ocean and its inhabitants.

With such fascinating photos in their luggage, the children and the mayor headed back to nearby Walldorf, where the parents were already waiting for their offspring at the town hall.

Text and photo: City of Walldorf

Published August 14, 2022, 6:00 AM

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