International line-up at a concert in the Neuwieder Marktkirche

Message from August 14, 2022

“Rich in voices!” This is how you can describe the concert at the Neuwieder Marktkirche hosted by guests of the State Academy of Music in Engers. The international cast of Mainz Virtuosi String Orchestra fascinates both as an accompanist to many singers and as an ensemble of exceptional quality.

The Virtuosi team delighted the crowd of visitors in the church with their harmonious play. (photos: Jürgen Grab)

New. As explained by the Deputy Director of Engers State Music Academy Angelika Hollmann, all the artists who performed last Saturday (as well as the following Thursday at 7:30 pm in the Marktkirche) were participants of an intensive course mainly for young strings. Above all, the sophistication of solo playing and the art of playing together were practiced, and both of these qualities were successfully presented to the public both last Saturday and in the coming week in other iconic venues in the region.

As evangelical cantor Thomas Schmidt explained, playing in a band is undoubtedly the best and most beautiful way to become a great artist. Experienced music teachers know that not only perfect mastery of an instrument or your own voice is important to hope for an orchestra position, take part in a music project or pass the acquired knowledge and musical skills to younger generations later. Part of this is also being able to practice certain music together with others.

“By interacting with others, the most important skills of every musician are trained: that is, to hear and understand” – emphasizes, for example, the deputy director of the academy. Another goal of the workshops at the State Academy of Music in Engers is performance education. Daily concerts at various venues in the region this week not only promote professional handling of various performance conditions, but also enable participants to gain insight into places of cultural and historical interest. And as a side effect there are great parties with instrumentalists and singers who absolutely fascinate the audience. In addition to individual lessons, there are also other sessions, for example with the regionally famous string orchestra “Mainzer Ensemble Virtuosi”, which features a large number of young musicians from South Korea, USA, Canada, Germany and other countries give the best results in the Marktkirche to have .

The guests of the concert in the Evangelical church in the city center were fascinated by this orchestra, which had no visible conductor, but was of course fantastically prepared for this concert by the course leader. The Virtuosi ensemble delighted the audience gathered in the church with its harmonious play and the wonderful singing of many singers who came, among others, from the USA and Canada.

The string ensemble “Mainzer Virtuosi” was founded in 2007 at the University of Music in Mainz and consists mainly of current and former students of this institute, in which, in addition to violinists and cellists, also other instrumentalists from different countries experience the internationality of this great ensemble in the best sense expressed. The entire artistic direction was in the hands of prof. Anne Shih who runs the course as a lecturer. Anne Shih, born in Canada, started playing the violin at the age of five. He currently teaches at the University of Music in Mainz.

“Rich Voices” – that’s what the organizers called this wonderful concert in the Marktkirche, with the leading cantor Thomas Schmidt talking about “chamber vocal music from baroque to romanticism”, with a string orchestra featuring fantastic singers such as the countertenor Daniel Taylor. and bass-baritone Daniel Lichti and accompany other singers in a particularly sensitive way. No wonder that the concerters said goodbye to the Mainzer Virtuosi-Ensemble and the singers with long applause.

Another concert in the Marktkirche with a string orchestra and soloists Jungwhan Kim and Yoobin Hong was announced for next Thursday (August 18) at 7:30 pm as “Soul of the Strings / Mozart”. After the inaugural concert of Music Days last Wednesday in the parish church of St. Music Days on Saturday, August 20 at 19.30 (again with the Virtuosi string orchestra) again in the church of St.

This week, more dates are planned with all Musiktage am Rhein events (except Neuwied and Engers) in Bendorf, Kobern-Gondorf, Koblenzer Görreshaus, Nameda Castle and Palotti Church in Vallendar. More information on the relevant dates can be found here. (young)

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