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The families had a great time at the festival grounds over the weekend. Helicopter tours over the village and duck racing were very popular. Everything went smoothly, organizer Carmen Sachse said, even if she got bad news shortly before the festival started.


It got really crowded in Ringethal over the weekend. The Inselteichfest was held late into the evening for three days. On Sunday, the Reschke couple spent their 13th wedding anniversary there. The festival has a good reputation, the two Reichenbachers said, which is why they came with their five-year-old daughter Vanessa. The Ringethal party took place this weekend for the 30th time after a two-year hiatus.

On Sunday afternoon, the family was standing in the meadow next to the festival grounds, watching helicopter flights. But Marek Reschke let his wife and daughter go first, saying they were more courageous. It took ten minutes to explore the area, flights were fully booked from afternoon to evening. Sightseeing flights were also in high demand on Saturday, says Ole Baxmann (18), who as ground staff is responsible for reservations at Harz-Helikopter Airport. The company offers sightseeing flights throughout Germany. In addition to the pilot, there is room for three people in the helicopter. It’s so loud inside that passengers can only communicate with the pilot using a headset. Vanessa Reschke is not afraid of the flight, the five-year-old said she was looking forward to the flight.

Sandra Voigtländer was at Inselteichfest for the first time in ten years. A woman from Altmittweida was walking her family around the festival grounds on a Sunday afternoon. “It’s nice that you can meet friends here, too,” she said. The family was especially excited about the duck race. “We bought two ducks. My big son really wanted to come as he is also at the fishing club which organizes the race. Unfortunately, he couldn’t help because we don’t have waders yet, ”says Sandra Voigtländer.

Not only the stone, but the whole boulder fell from her heart on Sunday afternoon – admitted Carmen Sachse in an interview for Freie Presse. It was the 30th island pond festival she organized in her village. “But you still don’t really have a routine there. I always think about it beforehand and get excited. ” But it all went great. “There were always people from Friday night to Sunday night, there was always someone in the tent, and Uta Bresan’s concert was also visited by a lot,” said Carmen Sachse.

And even the brief moment of shock on Thursday afternoon was already forgotten on Sunday: “Suddenly, a planned ice cream vendor called us off. But fortunately the ice cream maker Klatt from Frankenau jumped in spontaneously and without any complications. ” There was also a lot going on every day in Ringethal Castle. There was a small exhibition with posters, photos and leaflets from previous Inselteich festivals. – Only on Saturday we counted about 200 guests there – said the head of the organizational team.

Impressions from the festival in the photo gallery

On Saturday evening, festival guests had to give up traditional fireworks due to the risk of forest fires. The organization team will soon be discussing how Inselteichfest should continue next year, Carmen Sachse said.

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