easer accelerates digital services related to energy efficiency in industry

easer accelerates energy efficiency in industry with digital services

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For over 10 years I have been working in the development of renewable energy business for industrial companies. I have had to deal with the fact that companies do not implement economic efficiency measures themselves many times – mainly due to a lack of knowledge. It was frustrating and motivated to search easier. The founding team also includes Michael Berger, who works with energy technology, and Philipp Günther, who works with IT development.

eeaser accelerates industrial energy efficiency with digital services. Our web application, the eeaser accelerator, identifies and prioritizes energy efficiency measures. In addition, our users receive basic information on the implementation of measures. Our approach covers a wide range, we will support thousands of companies around the world in their decarbonisation.

Why did you decide to start a company?

It was crucial for all of us to believe that our solution was needed (accelerating energy efficiency is also a clear goal under the UN Sustainable Development Goals). The digital approach is very promising here. Of course, part of that is also the entrepreneurial thirst that we all take with us – it helps to survive the dry spells that pop up over and over again.

What is the vision behind the facilitation?

Some time ago, we formulated both a clear vision and a mission. The vision is “Sustainable Industry Serving People and the Planet”. The mission is “We empower people to take intelligent, data-driven action to accelerate energy efficiency in industry.” Both help us keep our orientation in our strategic decisions.

From the idea to the beginning, what were your biggest challenges so far and how did you finance yourself?

There are three main challenges: 1) Finding the right team, 2) Finding your first paying customers when “only” you have a prototype, and 3) Finding an upfront investor when there is still little interest but need capital. In the first year, we financed ourselves with equity and first sale – until the first round of pre-seed financing, which we completed in the summer of 2022.

Who is the target group of the easy guy?

We have to distinguish between users and customers – that doesn’t suit us. The users are small and medium-sized industrial enterprises that want to reduce their energy consumption. Thanks to our eeaser accelerator, these companies can identify savings measures quickly and inexpensively. As we follow a broad approach, i.e. we target a large number of companies, our clients tend to be multipliers – such as chambers or industry associations that acquire multiple licenses for their target group.

How does the facilitation work? Where are the advantages? What distinguishes you from other suppliers?

eeaser requests data from our users regarding their energy consumption and installed energy technology. Based on this data, we can identify, quantify and therefore prioritize potential savings. Users also receive basic technical information to assist with implementation. The main advantages of eeaser are speed and cost efficiency and the fact that we do not have to install any measurement technology – this allows us to reach a large number of companies. Of course, there are also many other suppliers, such as energy auditors, energy management systems or more specialized software solutions. However, we see ourselves less as a competitor and more as an accompanying measure and introduction to the topic of energy efficiency.

easier, where are you going? Where do you see yourself in five years?

Within 5 years, we will help several thousand companies to decarbonise. Due to the continuous development of technology and the need for greater energy efficiency, the demand will continue to grow. Our offer will develop accordingly.

Finally: what 3 tips would you give potential founders?

Have fun with what and how you work – because it’s a lot of work.

Take care of the team and set out ways for good and constructive criticism.

Choose advisors consciously. There are a lot of accelerators, experts and “experts”. An external view is extremely helpful, but often valuable only if counselors really understand what you are doing.

The three founders of Eeaser (from left to right) are Philipp Günther, Michael Berger and Martin Haagen

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