Fantastic Four: Concert in Buchenberg – report and photos – news from Kempten

More than 5,000 people celebrate the fantastischen Vier concert in Buchenberg. From the very first second, fans dance and sing to the hip-hop “Fantas”.

Laura Wiedemann

August 15, 2022 | From 11:41 a.m.

“Somehow the Fantastic Four always kept their finger on the pulse,” says Birgit Balk of Argenbühl (Western Allgäu). She came to a concert of a cult hip-hop group in Buchenberg (near Kempten) with her husband Alexander and their children Leopold (11) and Emma (8). While mom and dad sang to hits such as “Die da!?!” or “Sie ist weg” in the 1990s, Leopold and Emma were far from birth then. It does not change their enthusiasm. “I even gave a fantasy presentation last year,” says Emma. Smudo, Michi Beck, Thomas D. and And.Ypsilon then take the stage. Cheers, whistles, jumping: From the very first second, the audience celebrates with the songs of Fantastischen Vier.

The festival atmosphere at the Fantas concert in Buchenberg inspires young and old alike

The musicians introduce themselves as “the band that hasn’t split up yet”. The guys from Stuttgart have been creating music together for 33 years. Every step, every rhyme and every punch line is in place. Even if their performance is perfectly timed, the fantasies don’t seem dusty at all. Thomas D. rocks from “Warrior” to heroic-mythical sounds, Smudo is celebrated with the chants of “It’s Smudo and he gives one”, Michi Beck dances full of energy and with a horribly lopsided hat on his head throughout the scene, and And.Ypsilon remains in the background as the inventor of sound. Your concert: great party.

The square on the outskirts of Buchenberg is well packed with around 5,000 visitors. Stands with tarte flambée, burgers and beer create a festival atmosphere. Some people also gathered behind the barrier; they want to party for free. On the hill opposite the “Allgäu Concert Arena” people sit on picnic blankets and on a tractor trailer. They are enjoying the concert from afar.

5,000 people celebrate with Fantastischen Vier at the Allgäu Concert Arena, fans also enjoy the music outside

Green meadows and a forest clearing at sunset behind the dense rows of fans: Michi Beck is delighted. “You look so good,” he calls from the stage. “It’s probably because of the height difference.” Fantastischen Vier was already on stage at the 2017 open-air event in Buchenberg. Because of Corona, their new concert was postponed for a year. Even before the band’s performance, fans gather in the front rows in front of the big stage and dance to well-known songs and old school hip-hop played by Stuttgart-based DJ Thomilla.

series of photos

Fantastic Four in Buchenberg

When Fantasy greets its audience with “MfG – Best regards”, everyone, young and old, is fully engaged. Clapping up, celebrating, cheering, moving. To the mythical melodies, listeners dream of rocking into the distance during “Tag am Meer”, while during “Troy” many admire the fan scarves that the four members of the band also wear on stage, and at the latest during the encore of “Die da!?!” and “Together”, almost everyone in the audience sang loud and joyful.

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