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FROM: Monica Salzman


Former Majesties and their court finished the parade in pink bunny costumes. The team attracted attention spontaneously. © Jakob Salzmann

Goosebumps sparked the Sunday parade and the musical afternoon of the Hülscheider Schützen. The second day of the Schützenfest had many participants.

Heedfeld – The Hülscheider Schützen Parade on Sunday lives up to its name. The focus was on the new regents – the royal couple Holger and Christine Nonn, as befitting their status in an open carriage pulled by two white horses – shooters with seven bands, befriended shooting clubs and local clubs stretched through the village and offered many spectators on the side of the road colorful spectacle.

In an open convertible decorated with flowers, the royal couple Justin Schmidt and Katharina Boden let the waiting crowd celebrate. The royal house and the guard of honor rode in a covered wagon. Much to the amusement of all the extras, Jens and Cathrin Kubik, as well as Sinja Kubik and Sven Busch and their court, came up with something special and created a relaxed atmosphere at the end of the train in their pink bunny costumes.

Everything as usual

As with the celebration of the association’s 65th re-establishment three years ago, the festival Sunday parade, which began with an early morning wake-up call from companies, a royal reception and an ecumenical Marquee morning celebration, was preceded by an atmospheric concert in front of the shooting range.

The first goose bumps were triggered by performances by 1st Sauerland and Drums, who marveled at traditional Scottish music from the Sauerland Highlands, and by a performance by Iserlohn Town Musicians and a marching band. The inhabitants of Iserlohn in uniforms inspired by the United States Marine Corps have already received the title of German Show Champion, which they won in 2019. I. Musikcorps Blau-Weiß Hagen-Haspe aroused the anticipation of a great musical afternoon in the tent that followed the parade with the first samples of his skills.

Schützenfest Heedfeld, parade
The new royal couple Holger and Christine Nonn were celebrated in a carriage drawn by two white horses. © Jakob Salzmann

Led by the police and fire department, a long parade after the royal parade left Schiessheim towards Heedfelder Strasse (which was temporarily closed). The shooters had bundles of camels for the kids who were enjoying the candy rain.

There were over 30 groups and clubs with shooters through the village. From the waving BSV flags to the Kiersper Schützenverein, of which Schützenzug West has been part of the Schützenfest for 20 years, everyone was shining with the sun at the parade. For the first time in the parade, Herscheider Schützen and the rural youth of Hülscheid-Heedfeld marched. The same was true of the musicians from Hagen-Haspe and the Altenhagen marching band, who lined up loudly in the parade. Many other clubs demonstrated friendly solidarity with the shooters by taking part in the procession: from the fire brigade and TuS Linscheid-Heedfeld, to Hegering, to the peasant women, the riding club and friendly shooting clubs.

Great emotions at the concert in the tent

The great musical afternoon in the Hülscheider Schützen tent on Sunday caused great emotions. Organized, gathered and moderated by Uwe Niehaus, the bands participating in the parade gave a concert that is second to none. First of all, the grand finale with Scotland’s secret anthem – the “Highland Cathedral” – had a breathtaking effect.

Many of the listeners who were entranced were overwhelmed with great emotions. The Scottish Highlands were alive in a world-famous song the magic of which hardly anyone can resist.

The concerts were attended by: the Iserlohn Town Musicians concert and march orchestra, 1. Sauerland Pipes and Drums, Dohlgaul music club, 1. Blau-Weiß Hagen-Haspe music corps, “Die Volmetaler” music club and Altenhagen and Hülscheider Schützen marching orchestras. musical afternoon. The “United in Harmony” march – chanted at the beginning by the Altenhagen marching band – became the motto of the afternoon.

Harmony and community determined the creation of music that lasted several hours. The Hülscheiders themselves set the mood for the “When the Saints” tent.

The guests from Hagen-Haspe, who presented themselves as a first-rate show and marching band conducted by Diana Brandies, had bouncy pieces such as “Wake me up” and “Shoop Shoop Song” in their luggage. “Do you want a party? Then a party,” invited Uwe Niehaus, and everyone rushed to it.

Schützenfest Heedfeld, musical afternoon
Sharpshooters and their numerous guests enthusiastically cheered on the performances of musical bands. © Jakob Salzmann

As in 2019, the performances of two bands Iserlohn became the highlight of the afternoon. Pipe Major Michael Frank and his 1st Sauerland and Drums made it clear that they “like to be here”. The famous melody “Amazing Grace”, which originated from the difficult situation at sea, touched the most secret chords. Together with Joel Remscheidt and Iserlohn Town Musicians ex-Majestaty, they had to come back and prove their musical talent. “Warm to you? It doesn’t matter!” – was the question – before the Village People song “YMCA” was launched. “Layla” could not be missing – insulted and loved.

All marching orchestras – including the Dohlgauler from Wipperfürth and Volmetaler – gathered for a small final in which the new king had to prove his conducting skills. The whole tent sang to the familiar tune of “Auf der Vogelwiese”.

The grand finale to the end

The applause did not stop at the final as two outstanding Iserlohn teams joined the rest of the group. Selected community titles, from “Rose of Kelvingrove” to “Highland Cathedral”, did not leave anyone in the tent intact. The latter was a great cinema! The fact that the musicians from Iserlohn Town still had the opportunity to encore was a tribute to everyone.

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