New Years Eve Concert: Rammstein steals an important party hall in the Theresienwiese district

Munich – With the votes of the SPD, CSU, FDP and the Bavarian party, the city council decided on Wednesday not to bury the planned Rammstein concert at the Theresienwiese right away. Now the poviat administration department is to check whether the organizer can present a concept that meets all the criteria of visitor safety, traffic safety and protection against noise.

Thus, the city also abandoned the idea that, apart from the Spring Festival, Oktoberfest and – to a lesser extent – Wintertollwood, Theresienwiese is a “meadow” for all its inhabitants, which is not further commercialized.

AZ reader Lisa Kreuzer writes to us: “I have lived in Bavariaring for over 35 years. On New Year’s Eve there is a meeting between close and distant neighbors who gather for the Oktoberfest every year from 11:30 pm. mostly take it easy to wish you the new year with your own drinks and a cracker or two ”.

Anne Hübner: “Munich can tolerate disruptions on New Year’s Eve”

This will no longer be possible if the Rammstein concert is approved. He complains that the issue of the inhabitants and their “traditions” was not included in the discussion. Politics had other priorities.

“Munich can tolerate riots on New Year’s Eve,” said SPD faction leader Anne Hübner at the concert on Wednesday, referring to the song Rammstein and her party’s city councilors.

Rammstein are also legendary for their pyrotechnic shows.  Here, vocalist Till Lindemann (right) fires a flamethrower across the stage.

Rammstein concert on New Year’s Eve: advertising medium or a security risk?


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The Rammstein concert easily replaces the New Year's Eve fireworks.  Here Till Lindemann performs in Aarhus, Denmark.

AZ poll about the concert: Should Rammstein play in Munich on New Years Eve?


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Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Hermann.

Rammstein concert in Munich: Interior Minister Herrmann strengthens the police


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But the Rammstein concert is not a celebration for the people of Munich, but a commercial event that Leutgeb Entertainment cannot offer for less than 100 euros per ticket.

The New Year’s concert would be in good hands at the Olympic Stadium. On Theresienwiese, he robs the inhabitants of their city space to celebrate.

Rammstein on Theresienwiese could still have legal ramifications

However, the previously discussed uniqueness of such a large event is not reflected in the draft resolution: “The Olympic Park will remain the venue for important concerts in Munich,” he says. “The events of great public interest on the Theresienwiese and other public venues in Munich will in future require the city council to address and decide at an early stage.”

This may still have legal consequences if, for example, other cultural operators want to provide the Theresienwiese for 2023 or 2024 with an attractive workhorse on the basis of equal treatment. And the question arises, where will people who cannot afford the New Year’s Eve party have their place then?

“The organizer is asked, as part of the application for approval to the city of Munich, to consider how the New Year’s Eve concert in this location can also meet the social and environmental criteria,” says the draft resolution.

But it sounds rather helpless when most of the city council has just betrayed the socio-ecological criteria.

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