So much love to offer: Joss Stone concert at Columbiahalle.

concert review | Joss Stone at Columbia Hall

so much love to give

Christian Behring / Geisler-Fotopress

Audio: rbb24 Inforadio | August 15, 2022 | Henrik Schroeder | Picture: Christian Behring / Geisler-Fotopress

Joss Stone started her career early and released her first album at just 15 years old. Now she is traveling around Europe with her current job and on Sunday she stopped at Columbiahalle in Berlin. Henrik Schroeder he was there.

Joss Stone enters the stage wearing an orange dress, pushing a decent baby lump in front of him. Her second child will be born soon. Some concerts had to be canceled due to pregnancy, this one in Berlin may still take place, so applause for the stomach and probably also for Joss Stone’s openness are big. In a recent interview, she spoke frankly and directly about the miscarriage she had to endure. Now the fans are luckier for her.

Stone can’t stop smiling and whispers a confused “thank you” into his microphone, which is attached to a tripod with a shiny gold cloth attached. What such a simple accessory can do is a little friendlier and cozier.

Overcoming the weakness of the crown

Maybe most of all the band is amazing. A saxophonist who with his long, ice-gray beard could also play in a Norwegian death metal band, two singers who dance all the time, top one man – a bassist who chewing gum without any external emotions, puts a rhythm that makes it all legs tremble. Already the first hands rise to clap, the first rows sway to the rhythm.

Lively retirees in Hawaiian shirts, chic young women in dresses, hipsters from Neukölln with the same hairstyle arrived. It’s an amazing mix. And whoever is there is really in the mood. Joss Stone too.

The singer had a Corona recently and as a result of her illness, she no longer hit the high notes, as she recently said in an interview. She seems to have been overcome, she sings great and hard, she sings some new things from the current album “Never Forget My Love”, co-written with Eurythmics originator Dave Stewart and a lot that people know.

Now it’s getting hippie

And he likes to make longer announcements. He says everyone has so much love to offer on such an evening that you shouldn’t worry so much about the negative things in life, focus only on the positive things, and say yes to life. I feel very hippie.

At one point you think, okay, but she has little things when she can’t stop laughing and smiling and being so incredibly happy. But it’s a very nice, thrilling bang. Who lets their fans sing the ambitious “hmm hmmh hmm” instead of the obligatory “ohohohoho”. Including the collective attack of laughter. Excellent.

Columbiahalle is not even half full

Really nice concert that would really deserve a crowded hut. Because it is estimated that only 700 fans came to 3000 seats that night at Columbiahalle. Maybe that’s true, as many are saying these days, namely that really big shows like the Rolling Stones or Rammstein are packed with cubes, but smaller and medium-sized shows are often visited with moderate attendance.

Precisely because everyone is catching up with their performances at the same time and visitors only have limited time and money for tickets. In any case, both were properly invested for Joss Stone.

Broadcast: Inforadio, August 15, 2022, 8:55

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