Street food, fun for kids and musical performances

The open-air gamescom city festival takes place in the center of Cologne for free. (archival image)
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From 23 to 28 August 2022, gamescom will re-open its doors at the Cologne Exhibition Center. And just like in the years before the pandemic, this year it will traditionally take place again Gamescom City Festival 2022 instead. From August 26-28 In addition to delicious street food and fun for children, there is a varied program on the stages of Rudolfplatz and Hohenzollernring. Numerous artists from Poland and abroad do honors there and spread the festival atmosphere. Admission is included in the price free!! CityNEWS has all the information about the city’s gamescom festival and stage show at a glance!

Delicious street food at Ringen and Rudolfplatz

The city's gamescom festival will host another major street food festival Copyright: gamescom
The city’s gamescom festival will host another major street food festival (archive photo)
copyright: gamescom

As in previous years, the city’s gamescom festival will once again feature a host of culinary highlights. On the Hohenzollernring, visitors can mainly stock up on local grilled classics, while behind Hahnentorburg on Rudolfplatz there is a special variety. Delicacies from different cultures are offered here. In addition, sophisticated drinks are of course served here, as well as Kölsch. In addition to the Früh brewery, Red Bull also caters to the needs of thirsty guests.

TOGGO tour stops in Neumarkt

Also this year, Cologne city center will become one during the gamescom weekend
This year, on the gamescom weekend, Cologne city center will once again become the “festival grounds” that will attract tens of thousands of visitors every day. (archival image)
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A special attraction awaits children at the city’s gamescom festival in Neumarkt. After a two-year break, on August 27 and 28, 2022, the extremely popular TOGGO route will end there. True to the motto “This is your party”, the focus is on children. On Neumarkt, fans big and small can get closer to popular TV characters and cool stars.

There will be a varied stage show with Selina Mour, Igga Kelly, Daniele Puccia and Wilde Rabauken. In addition, the influential Jannik Freestyle provides hands-on play with soccer tricks. The D! ‘S kids club, which brings its own choreography to TOGGO on stage, also provides plenty of movement and fun. As always, admission to the TOGGO tour is free.

More offers and surprises at the city’s gamescom festival

The exhibitors and sponsors of gamescom 2022 are traditionally expanding the city’s gamescom festivals with presentation tools and communication offers this year. As the organizers have announced, many other surprises await visitors.

The program on stage at the Hohenzollernring

The best atmosphere on the stage program of the city's gamescom festival in Cologne.
The best atmosphere on the stage program of the city’s gamescom festival in Cologne. (archival image)
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Friday, August 26, 2022

  • Schmyt
    German singer and rapper, a newcomer to the German music scene since 2021, former member of the independent band Rakede.
  • Makko
    A musician from Berlin who moves between hip-hop and Nowa Wave cloud rap.
  • Dilla
    The singer creates music with German lyrics and Amadea with English songs.

Saturday 27 August 2022

  • Wawwyboi
    A singer and songwriter with exceptional music, who puts his heart and soul into writing a song.
  • Nina Czubań
    German actress and rapper serving various genres with rhythms of pop, rap, but also dancehall.
  • Wilhelmina
    Artist from Berlin with joyful pop on serious topics.
  • Esther Graf
    The Austrian singer-songwriter presents pop with influences from hip-hop and alternative rock.

Sunday August 28, 2022

  • Zoe Wees
    An absolutely unique talent from Germany with hit singles such as “Control” and “Girls Like Us” which have already achieved platinum status in several countries.
  • Elifa
    German musician and songwriter with Turkish roots.
  • beads from beads
    Probably the largest “Görlband” in the world, founded in Cologne in 2022, with 160 women around choir director Constantin Gold.
  • loi
    Mannheim-based singer with an extraordinary voice.

The program on stage at Rudolfplatz

Program on the stage at Rudolfplatz copyright: CityNEWS
Program on the stage at Rudolfplatz (archival photo)
Copyright: CityNEWS

Friday, August 26, 2022

  • ALBI X
    A rapper who wants to encourage everyone who is different and excluded with his songs.
  • Salomea
    A band with their own style, calling their sound “Urban Jazz / Experimental HipHop / Contemporary Multi-Genre” and disregarding popular harmonies.
  • Mariybu
    Rapper with heavy bass beats, powerful voice, strong opinion and unmistakable announcements.

Saturday 27 August 2022

  • Team artistic gymnastics
    As in previous years, the sportiest DJ team in Cologne will again take over the entire Rudolfplatz this year and will not let anything burn.
    Former bass player of the group AnnenMayKantereit Malte Huck founded the BEACHPEOPLE project in 2021, with which he implements his ideas about who he could be and how he wants to sound.
  • Red Raphi cap
    A rapper from the Koblenz area who prefers rap and music with urban influences. Its hallmark, as you might guess, is a red hat.

Sunday August 28, 2022

  • Rags
    The five-person band is a German rock-pop project by Maximilian Kennel and Jonas Frömming, who were initially a duo.
  • mele
    The band from Osnabrück around Mele brings their slightly different alternative pop from Germany to the stage.
    The indie band from Hamburg brings a refreshing German-speaking “Sprudelpop” with heart and soul to the disco.

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