Cool water sports to be fun in Berlin in any weather

It’s a completely natural reflex: we are drawn to the water in summer. Unfortunately, we lack the sea in Berlin. There is always some loss, but we have some really great lakes and rivers where you can do a great cooling sport.

And if the sun is too strong for you, you can practice indoor water sports. Of course, this also works in winter, when it’s bitterly cold outside and the water in the hall is pleasantly warm. It’s a cool thing about the capital: we have almost every opportunity at any time. Here are four fun water sports you didn’t expect to find in (and around) Berlin.

Take care! Wakeboarding in Spandau

The only requirement you need to take with you is the ability to swim. The wave rebels take care of (almost) everything else. This is the name of the company that offers wakeboarding behind the boat in Pichelssee, Spandau, for both beginners and professionals. Wetsuit, life vest and board are provided so are included. You also get a helmet equipped with radio technology so you can always stay connected with the staff.

Pichelssee is a bulge of the Havel and offers many other ways to spend time on the water in addition to wakeboarding: you can sail, rent boats, swim standing. If you want to get really wet, you’ll end up with the wave rebels. A special 350hp motor pulls you out of the water or, if you don’t provide enough body tension, simply through it for a while.

A 30-minute wakeboard trip costs 85 euros per person, an hour with up to three people costs 170 euros, four hours with up to eight people will cost 600 euros. Dates are booked on the website or by phone; you can’t just come and get started that’s why there are no classic opening hours.

Wave Rebels, Am Pichelssee 35, 13595 Spandau. It is a nine-minute walk from the Freybrücke bus stop (M49 bus).

Dive like professionals

It is clear that the sun is not shining as much under the water as it is outside. It’s pleasantly cool, you feel weightless, you enjoy the dancing light – and take your first breaths under the water. Diving is always a unique experience.

Anyone who has never dived can book a test course at Dive’n in Reinickendorf and get their first pool experience with a diving instructor after check-in. After that, nothing prevents you from properly training yourself in diving and going to a nearby lake.

To be able to dive, you need to be healthy and fit. The minimum age at Dive’n is ten years. Depending on the number of participants, the tasting course lasts up to three hours and costs EUR 29.90 per person. The first diving license is available from around 339 euros, student, family or group rates are also available on request. The relevant courses are usually held on weekends and in the evenings. A medical certificate of physical fitness is required. Those who complete the course are eligible to dive up to 18 meters deep worldwide.

Regular opening hours are: Monday, Wednesday – Friday from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The diving school is closed on Tuesdays and Sundays.

Visits can be booked online. If none of them are displayed, you can ask by phone or e-mail; you can also create courses for yourself.

Dive’n Tauchsportcenter, Ollenhauerstr. 114, 13403 Reinickendorf. It is a five-minute walk from the Von-Gablentz-Straße bus stop (bus 122, M21) and eight minutes from the Kurt-Schumacher-Platz underground station (U6); from here also two bus lines start, so it was possible to pass one stop.

Surfing in the center of Lichtenberg

It’s big, noisy and awe-inspiring: the waves in the Lichtenberger Wellenwerk roar loudly. For beginners, the whole spectacle is impressive. For professionals, a wave is a guarantee of a smile. And for anyone who tries it, it’s pure adrenaline. It doesn’t matter if you pop in or surf smartly back and forth.

It’s not easy to find your balance with the board bouncing under your feet and then keeping your balance while tensing and relaxing the right muscles. Luckily the surf instructors are super cool, always reaching out to help and showing you how to do it.

At 26 degrees, the water is at the right temperature so that it is neither too cold nor too hot. And the temperature in the hall itself makes it easy to forget about the weather outside. Wetsuit and surfboard are provided. For newbies there is a bar initially that extends across the pool so you can stick around and make friends with the wave. One hour costs EUR 51.90 (also for advanced students; children: EUR 39.90 per session).

Shaft factory, Landsberger Allee 270, 10367 Lichtenberg. It is a four-minute walk from the Genslerstraße tram stop (tram 16, M5, M6).

Swim like a mermaid

Same name: Mermaid. Sounds like a Disney movie. It’s about swimming like a mermaid, with fins instead of feet. The Mermaid Kat Academy offers courses in Potsdam-Babelsberg and Brandenburg on the Havel; The company could not currently find a suitable swimming pool in Berlin, but is looking for one.

Courses are 90 minutes long, with the first half hour spent out of the water to discuss the theory and warm up the muscles. While swimming, sometimes even an underwater photographer appears to capture these special moments.

Children from eight years of age, boys, men and glasses wearers can participate, and you must be able to dive to a depth of at least two meters and swim 200 meters in 15 minutes (brown level). The course in Potsdam costs 45 euros (entrance to the baths included), in Brandenburg 40 euros (plus admission to the Marienbad). Courses must be booked online, there are available dates from September.

If you don’t want to wait: you can also attend mermaid courses at Tropical Islands. This is primarily for kids, but there are some single fin adults as well. You must register for the children’s area in the morning and then travel to the South Sea area at the specified time. Swimming the mermaid costs five euros, and children from six years of age who have a sea horse badge can participate.

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