TEST: Rollerdrome – retro-futuristic shooter

A few weeks ago, I was allowed to download a new fun Rollerdrome sports shooter from the site The world of OlliOlli-Makers Roll7 (our preview) and they loved both the look and the gameplay. In the meantime, I was able to play the entire game that is coming out today, and in this review I will tell you if the good impression is confirmed and if the gameplay loop can also convince in the long run.

Bloody dystopia

Rollerdrom presents us with an alternative future. In 2030, the world will be oppressed and bewildered by the eponymous Rollerdrome Bloodsport. In arenas around the world, especially talented participants face a huge mass of opponents and fight for survival naked on roller skates and with the help of powerful weapons.

We play the role of Kara Hassan, a new participant in this perverse game. As we work our way through each stage, we learn more and more about the world and its controlling powers. It quickly becomes clear to us that the real enemies are not the players at home, but the game itself.


After completing the levels, there are always short sections that we can explore in a first-person perspective. We read e-mails and news reports, and eavesdrop on conversations that are not intended for our ears. The variety is good for the game and the story, told only indirectly, is really exciting.

graphics and presentation

Rollerdrom bleeds from every pore style. The comic looks original and perfectly highlights the scenes from the game. Everything seems to have grown out of a strange vision full of disco music and 80’s charm. Roll7 has already proved that it can create unique graphic styles and atmosphere and Rollerdrom is the high point so far.

Shootouts are also incredibly fun. We skate through malls, deserts and alpine research centers in our red suit and encounter a wide variety of opponents, all of whom are also exceptionally animated and designed. Later, even huge robots and creative boss fights await us.

Motivating loop and high level of difficulty

Of course, we spend most of our time completing each level. To this end, we must kill all opponents each time, without biting the dust ourselves. We ride the left stick, using X we can jump over the ramps. In the air, we use tricks and holds to replenish ammunition. Grinds and wall rides serve the same purpose. As in most shooters, we use shoulder buttons to use our weapons. Thanks to L2, we can slow down time and fire several shots at once. Thanks to the practical aiming aid, this is usually not a problem.

It is much more important what weapons we use against what kind of enemies and how we introduce tricks and grinds into our combos without getting hit. We can only gain health by killing enemies. Sometimes they make it very difficult for us and activate the protective shield as soon as they are hit. Others will even teleport through the arena if hit. To meet these challenges, we have a total of four weapons at our disposal. These include a double pistol, shotgun, grenade launcher and an extremely powerful rifle, which, however, must be aimed precisely.


Now the trick is to take out one enemy at a time (or several at a time) by staying on the move, combining tricks, and most importantly, already knowing what to expect when we land. This quickly puts us in a nice flow and we feel really strong. However, the degree of difficulty sometimes increases dramatically, especially in the later levels. The arenas are then full of enemies, missiles chase us, while we are aimed from three sides at the same time and we have to avoid mines. It takes a lot of practice and some frustration tolerance to complete the campaign.

The somewhat annoying thing is that we have to complete a certain number of challenges to unlock the next levels. There are ten of them in the arena. Some are done on the side, others are a bit more difficult and require e.g. completion as soon as possible. So it’s not enough to clear the level somehow. We always have to come back to meet the necessary challenges. While this makes sense from a gameplay perspective, it can be annoying when you just want to get through the game and complete a story.


Online rankings, on the other hand, are long-lasting fun, and the really tough ones can try out a particularly difficult mode after completing a story for the first time. Here you can see the past and the Roll7 experience again with fun sports games.


TEST: Rollerdrome – retro-futuristic shooter


“Rollerdrome is a fantastic looking mix of a fun sports game and a third person shooter. The plot is interesting and the whole presentation is more than successful. The gameplay is amazing at first, but then it unfolds wonderfully. Only the high level of difficulty and the necessity to complete challenges can put you off a bit, but if you’re looking for an original shooter with fun gameplay, you should definitely try Rollerdrome. “


Great gameplay loop

Original style

Interesting story and game world


Sometimes really hard

Challenges stop you unnecessarily

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