Why is gardening in Osdorf fun even when it’s hot?

Osdorf. 28 degrees in the shade in the morning then gardening? It is not for everyone. But the gardeners in Osdorf also love their plots on hot days. Almost no one is around in the morning when the temperature is persistently high. But in the afternoon and evening, the colony on Dänischenhagener Straße comes alive in the hot summer of 2022. “Because this system is a real treasure,” says Volkhard Sellin.

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And he is talking about the one who is also treasurer of the allotment gardeners association in Osdorf, not because he wants to do a favor to his president, Max-Theodor Rethwisch, on the occasion of the association’s 75th anniversary. “We are dealing here with a real oasis,” emphasizes the physiotherapist from Kiel. “I insisted the treasurer be doubly treasure when I accepted the job.”

Kleingartenverein Osdorf gives hobbyists a lot of freedom

Rethwisch, who is proud of the 51 plot facility as president, nods. It gives an insight into the history of the association: “In 1947, the municipality set out allotment gardens on the Gildeweg and Ringweg so that villagers could stock up on vegetables in the post-war period. In 1987, they were moved to this 2.4 ha plot of land ”. Ten years ago, things took a different turn. “We left the district association and the state gardeners association. In Osdorf the rules ceased to apply. “

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The president, Max-Theodor Rethwisch, is proud of the allotment garden in Osdorf, which ten years ago left the allotment umbrella organization at state and county levels on his initiative. The mayor of Helge Kort (right) knows of the great value of a jewel in the suburbs.

In other words, the allotment gardens were empty in many places at that time. The requirement to reserve certain parts of the club gardens at very low prices in the city or town for the cultivation of vegetables and fruit, and not to use them solely as recreational gardens, seemed to stand in the way of an urgently needed new lease in Osdorf. The gardens were in danger of overgrowing.

So, after careful consideration, Osdorfer Kleingartenverein left the umbrella organization and said goodbye to “rules that were no longer relevant,” as Rethwisch put it. By that time, he had been president for six years and hoped the change would shape Osdorf’s allotments.

Popular in Osdorf: Environmentally friendly leisure gardens for recreation

From now on, garden lovers can freely decide what to do with a plot: an insect meadow with a hammock between fruit trees, clean vegetable cultivation, a playground with an inflatable paddling pool for children and a barbecue area for parents, or a classic division of vegetables, fruits, flowers and relaxation. The empty gardens quickly filled up with younger people.

Garden tip: Vegetables survive the heat in raised beds

Growing vegetables in a flower bed in constant heat is a challenge. “You could stand with the water hose,” reports Max-Theodor Rethwisch, chairman of the Osdorf allotment gardeners association. “And yet it remains miserable.” An experienced hobby gardener has a tip that can be implemented at least until the 2023 gardening season. “Raised beds are the solution. No longer is watered in vain. They also protect the back when working on the bed, ”he explains. His experience in the allotment garden: “Large trees, especially fruit trees, draw moisture from all the garden soil with great force. Vegetables that are not deeply rooted become too little, even after watering. The lift bed is a separate system that also retains moisture, which is delivered in a targeted mannerThis is of course true: even at 30 degrees in the shade, zucchini, pumpkin, leeks, lettuce, beets, and peppers look really fresh in his elevated beds and grow happily. How to properly create a raised bed should be studied in advance. Advice is available in gardening books and on the Internet.

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Rethwisch: “Anyone with little time for a real kitchen garden is also welcome. Of course we have rules. But in the end, everyone can understand that: the garden must not be overgrown, it must not disturb other gardeners, you have to work a few hours on the plot of the association and pay the rent on time. “

Chemical spraying and artificial fertilizers are taboo in the allotment garden, which in 1990 was awarded the title of environmentally friendly. “Even snail balls” – emphasizes the boss. “Collecting or sawdust around endangered plants does not endanger other animals and is effective.”

The inhabitants of Kiel unexpectedly find joy in the vegetable patch of the allotment gardeners association in Osdorf

According to Mayor Helge Kohrt (SPD), the municipality can “live very well” with the ordinance that stems from Rethwisch’s initiative. The management makes sure that the gardens do not turn into a noisy party zone, that people do not spend the night here, or that the gazebos secretly turn into summer houses. The plots of land still do not have electricity. But the rent remains low: 20 euros per year for the club and two cents per square meter.

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The concept also convinced Wolfhard Sellin and his wife Hedi. The daughter of a couple from Kiel moved with her family to Osdorf some time ago. So a year and a half ago, a couple from Kiel bought a garden here. Especially grandchildren should play and have fun in it. Grandma and Grandpa also wanted to rest in the countryside. The physical therapist was glad to be hired as a treasurer.

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“We’ve already learned a lot,” he says. In the meantime, the first vegetable beds and apple trees were planted in Sellin’s garden – because the allotment garden naturally awakens the desire to cultivate without necessity.

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