Rammstein’s concert at Theresienwiese in Munich canceled

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FROM: Sascha Karowski, Klaus-Maria Mehr


At Theresienwiese (left), Rammstein (left) wanted to perform on New Year’s Eve in front of some 145,000 spectators. Now nothing will come of it. © Imago / Imago

The scheduled Rammstein concert on New Year’s Eve at Theresienwiese in Munich has been canceled by the organizer according to the information of our editorial office.

Munich – It should be a mega event. Rammstein at Theresienwiese with 145,000 spectators on New Year’s Eve. But the fears of the city council and the police were enormous. Supposedly too big. As our editorial staff just found out from the town hall, the organizer Klaus Leutgeb withdrew and canceled the concert.

The background was a conversation between representatives of the poviat starosty, police, fire brigades and individual city councilors. He was invited by the economic officer, Clemens Baumgärtner (CSU). The exchange was originally intended to clarify some open questions. As reported by the participants, Leutgeb was to perceive a very negative attitude, especially from the KVR and the police, after which the organizer withdrew its offer for the New Year’s Eve party. The impression was that there was a ready opinion among the authorities. Leutgeb himself did not want to comment on the request.

New Year’s Eve concert with Rammstein at Theresienwiese – plans known only two weeks ago

Just two weeks ago, the Leutgeb agency announced plans to bring Rammstein to Munich on New Year’s Eve. And not just anywhere, but on Theresienwiese. It was still waiting for the approval of the city council, but it was actually granted after a long, heated discussion.

Rammstein concerts usually fall into the
Rammstein concerts usually fall into the “mega-events” category. Apparently that doesn’t fit in with Theresienwiese in Munich. © Gonzalez Photo / IMAGO

Rammstein concert at Theresienwiese: Great stomach ache right from the start

Even so, the stomach ache from the authorities was tremendous. The new head of KVR, Hanna Sammüller-Gradl (Greens), told our editors: “We have a short-term problem. It would be completely different for the security authorities if the concert took place in the Olympic Park or on the exhibition grounds. We already have experience with big events there. “

Also, as you know, Winter Tollwood takes place at the same time on Theresienwiese. According to their own statements, the organizers found out about the planned concert from the newspaper and were, to put it mildly, not very enthusiastic. They felt betrayed.

A spokesman for KVR was surprised by Rammstein’s appeal

KVR spokesman Tobias Kapfelsberger now says on request that he was surprised by the appeal. “During the conversation, we explained what we had already told the city council and what the press said.” Concerns about noise protection, safety and transport links were indeed communicated on several occasions. “At the end of the interview, the organizer informed us that the schedule was too short to do it all.”

This is surprising, says the leader of the Green Party, Dominik Krause. The organizer should know the time corridor. “We already expressed our concerns a week ago and said it was too short a deadline.”

CSU faction leader Manuel Pretzl finds the cancellation regrettable

CSU faction leader Manuel Pretzl said Tuesday the appeal was very regrettable. “Munich missed a great opportunity, it would be the most noticed New Year’s Eve party in the world.” But he could understand the organizer after the administration “publicly mocked” him. “The press also signaled him that the event was simply not wanted. Apparently a new style has entered into KVR and I wish an administration that will make something possible, not prevent it. “

Meanwhile, SPD deputy Christian Vorländer said Leutgeb’s decision deserved respect. “We were open to this idea. But it was always clear that the schedule was a big challenge. The organizer noticed it too.

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