Angelo Kelly: Surprising cancellations of concerts in 3 cities

Angelo Kelly
“Bad news” – he has to cancel three shows

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Hit news of the day on the GALA bar: Angelo Kelly unexpectedly announces the cancellation of concerts +++ Anna-Carina Woitschack is training diligently for her new show +++ Helene Fischer’s fans are not satisfied with the concert.

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August 18, 2022

Angelo Kelly has to cancel three shows on short notice

Sad news for all fans of Angelo Kelly, 40. The musician reports on Instagram with a video message that he apparently has difficulty doing. Reason: Kelly needs to cancel three of her upcoming shows on short notice.

As Angelo Kelly explains, the upcoming concert in Ochtrup was canceled by the organizer without consulting the singer first. There will be “permission difficulties,” Kelly said. The show, scheduled for Saturday, August 27, 2022, will be canceled.

There will also be concerts in Kranichfeld (scheduled for Friday, August 19) and Lichterfeld (Saturday, August 20). Apparently, there are several cases of illness in the organizer’s team. Angelo Kelly has no choice but to explain her failures to her fans. He himself is clearly frustrated with the situation: “Live business is no longer what it was three years ago.”

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August 17, 2022

Anna-Carina Woitschack: I love roller skating

It is known that hard training pays off. For 29-year-old Anna-Carina Woitschack, the training goes so far that bruises are inevitable – a photo she posted in her Instagram report confirms this. “4 hours of training. Including the bruises ”- she writes about the shutter showing her legs and roller skates.

Why is Anna-Carina practicing so diligently? For the program “Skate Fever – Stars on Roller Skates”, which will be broadcast in the autumn program “RTL2”. As 46-year-old husband Stefan Mross revealed to “Schlager”, his beloved was also part of the fifth recording. Hard training seems to pay off. In the format, celebrities learn roller-skating choreography in two teams and present them to the jury, which then issues their assessment. The evaluation ultimately decides who can continue and who will be eliminated.

Instagram post by Anna-Carina Woitschack

Instagram post by Anna-Carina Woitschack


August 16, 2022

The concert process obscures Helene Fischer’s expectation

Schlagerqueen Helene Fischer, 38, has big plans: on August 20, 2022, the biggest concert of her career will take place at the Munich exhibition center. The singer will perform in front of 150,000 fans. Construction work on the performance is in full swing, and the photos show how gigantic the concert in the metropolis of Isar will be. But the expectations of the fans were somewhat overshadowed by the organizer.

The course of the megaconcert was shared on social media. Early admission is at 2:00 PM and regular admission is at 4:00 PM. But then there are no further dates planned until the concert starts at 8pm. This process raises doubts among fans. “A THIS WITHOUT A PRE-PROGRAM?” Asks the irritated user. “And then it was only 2.5 hours for Helene there was even a longer concert at the stadium or her Christmas performances [sic]- he notes. Other users also panic about the long wait times asking for the opening act. But the organizer emphasizes: “The program will remain as written above”.

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August 15, 2022

Roland Kaiser reports on the health of his singer in the background

There are far more people behind the success of the 70-year-old Roland Kaiser than expected. “That’s why I would like to take this opportunity to thank my band, my tour team and the whole team, who made this tour possible, above all, at this special time,” the artist wrote in November last year for a joint photo. on Instagram. Attentive fans have probably noticed that a familiar face is missing recently: singer Christiane Eiben. For a long time, “private reasons” were given for this. Now Roland Kaiser reveals on social media: Christiane Eiben has breast cancer.

“Today I can tell you that Christiane was diagnosed with breast cancer at the start of our summer tour. This news hit us all in the band a lot, ”reveals the hit star on his Instagram account, showing a photo of him with his singer. Translator Santa Maria explains that the singer’s recovery is now a top priority. But he also emphasizes: “I am grateful and happy that despite the therapy he is doing so well and that he can play a few concerts with us. Music gives her strength and courage! ” To ease her, Gaby Goldberg offered to switch places with her from time to time.

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