Helene Fischer concert sold out? The organizer explains why there are only 130,000 tickets

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How many tickets were there for the record-breaking concert of Helene Fischer on August 20, 2022? Schlager fans discuss contradictory information from the organizer. © Imago Images

On Saturday (August 20), hit star Helene Fischer will play his record-breaking concert in Munich Riem in front of 130,000 people: sold out, says organizer “Leutgeb Entertainment Group”. But Schlager fans are wondering: shouldn’t there be 150,000 tickets in one day?

Update 08/19/20:32: After confusing the numbers, the organizer spoke to tz.de and provided clarity. “Our concert hall is designed for 150,000 visitors, but of course we coordinate with the authorities in advance and determine the final number of visitors,” explains press officer Mario Krainz. “This number of visitors is due to pre-sale by a certain date and expected resale. In this case, this extrapolation totaled 130,000 people, according to Leutgeb Entertainment Group. Here, too, you can see that “we know exactly what we are doing, otherwise such an exact extrapolation would not be possible.”

First report: Munich – Was the concert of the hit star Helene Fischer (38) sold out in Munich or not? Helene Fischer fans are discussing it hotly on social networks like Facebook. The organizer himself set in motion when he announced on Instagram on Thursday evening: “Sold out. Thanks to 130,000 fans. “

130,000 or 150,000 tickets: Schlager fans are amazed at Helene Fischer’s “sold out” concert

The moment: At the start of the sale of the biggest Helene Fischer concert of all time at the Munich exhibition center, there weren’t any talk of 150,000 seats? Directly below the post, there was a heated discussion about the actual capacity at the Riem Exhibition Center.

At the exhibition center in Munich, Helene Fischer will perform her XXL concert in front of 130,000 hit fans.  The structures have been working at full capacity for weeks.
At the exhibition center in Munich, Helene Fischer will perform her XXL concert in front of 130,000 hit fans. The structures have been working at full capacity for weeks. © IMAGO / Daniel Scharinger

Instagram user “Fischi_Stories” wonders: “I thought the page capacity was 150,000 viewers?” This is what you advertised, ”said a Schlager fan. “I’m just wondering, how can it sell for 130,000 people when it can fit 150,000 people?”

Request from tz.de to the organizer of “Leutgeb” so far unanswered

This question is asked by many concert-goers and fans. Some even accuse the organizer of simply lying to buffer – to quote – “poor ticket sales, because the tickets were too expensive”. Is this correct?

The request of tz.de addressed to the organizer on Friday morning initially remained unanswered. Not only fans are surprised by the allegedly “sold out” concert by Helene Fischer.

According to MDR, the organizer of the Leutgeb Entertainment Group announced 150,000 tickets

On Thursday, the TV magazine “Leute heute” also mentioned 150,000 visitors. On t-online.de there are also 150,000 seats. Literally: “At the exhibition center, he will sing” Breathless through the night “in front of 150,000 fans on a 170-meter stage.” So which numbers are correct?

On September 16, 2021, when the concert became known, MDR also wrote 150,000 tickets. “Helene Fischer announces a mega-concert on her social networks, which the organizer says should have 150,000 spectators.”

MDR, T-online,
MDR, T-online, “Leute heute” and many pop fans are sure that the original 150,000 tickets were mentioned. © Screenshot of Instagram

Waiting time up to 8 hours: Helene Fischer fans pissed off before the concert in Munich

Spicy: Initially, the organizer itself wrote on its website that there would be 150,000 tickets. But that number is gone. However, a look at the Google cache reveals that there were once talk of more than 130,000 tickets (see screenshot below).

Not only PR could be better for Helene Fischer shortly before the mega-event. The weather forecast for Saturday’s Helene Fischer concert is bad. Is Helene Fischer celebrating her return on Saturday (August 20, 2022) in a pouring rain? If the German weather service got its way, then yes. But despite the announcement of the storm, umbrellas are not allowed on the concert site.

The organizer wrote for the first time on his website:
The organizer wrote for the first time on his website: “On August 20, 2022 we are going to Munich at the exhibition center with 150,000 fans.” But this number can no longer be found there. © Screenshot from Google

While the discussions continue, the pop singer is getting ready for her biggest concert. After the release of their new album “Rausch”, a live performance of the same name is now on the program in Munich. However, some fans are furious – the waiting time for a concert can be up to 8 hours. Sources used: Instagram / leutgbentertainment, t-online.de,

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