Helene Fischer – Munich 2022 concert: everything is gigantic

Singer Helene Fischer is giving a concert on Saturday at the Munich exhibition center. A city within a city was born out of nothing. Visiting the site.

The Munich trade fair is practically closed. Come in who signs up. A monster has been growing here for weeks Helene Fischer tame him next weekend. The site fencing is everywhere these days, the stage was simply pulled out of nowhere at the Munich exhibition center. So that three mega concerts could take place here first Andrzej Gabalier played, over the weekend Helene Fischer is the hit queen, 130,000 visitors are expected. Robbie Williams then plays with around 90,000 fans.

It is actually unbelievable that at the end of the day there is one small person on stage, perhaps accompanied by a group of dancers. Even during construction, you would feel a little confused if there were no people everywhere. On the left, it climbs one of the towers on which box and the headlights are attached, it is secured as if to climb the mountain. To the right, a couple of men in vests and helmets point around, discussing something, and one further behind him is pressing the buttons on his tall desk in concentration, watching something. A small transport vehicle drives back and forth in front of the scene. Like an anthill where everything seems to be crazy. The entire scaffolding behind the stage resembles a wasp’s nest.

The support of the stage and the screen resembles the nest of a giant wasp.

Photo: Ulrich Wagner

The organizer of the three concerts is Leutgeb Entertainment Group Austria. Mario Krainz is responsible for your press work. The plan was to do something no one had done before, he says. Regarding the number of spectators, some parts of the stand had to be brought in, but these alone are likely to make some third division soccer teams green with envy, with 30,000 seats. So many fans. However, most of them will want to get even a little closer to their idol and therefore will have a standing place. The route of the laid cable is 350 kilometers from Augsburg to just in front of Frankfurt am Main.

Helene Fischer brings gigantic crowds to the Munich Fair

The staff have been busy here for six weeks, on production days around 5,000 people work simultaneously to ensure the perfect show. Preparation for such concerts takes about a year. “Everything has to be built from A to Z,” says Krainz. Of course, the Munich trade fair has already proved to be a good venue when the Pope was here 16 years ago, but still: there are no seats or similar things that would be available in the stadium. For comparison: The Allianz Arena has around 75,000 seats, and the Camp Nou, the largest football stadium in the world where FC Barcelona plays, seats 99,400 people. Helene places another small town on it.

130,000 fans are waiting for Saturday’s concert with Helene Fischer.

Photo: Ulrich Wagner

And you have to take care of all of these, after all, they have to drink, eat, buy goods and go to the bathroom somewhere. There is an armada of 1000 dixi houses waiting for visitors, there are huge signs telling where to take a taxi, metro or tram. By the way, the organizers recommend traveling by public transport, although there are 20,000 parking spaces, eg for VIP guests or organizers. Infrastructure within a radius of 20 kilometers has been included in the travel planning, explains Krainz. Upon arrival, guests are advised to pay attention to the instructions on their tickets which will state which entrance to go to. If you are there with friends assigned to a different entrance you don’t need to celebrate alone, inside the music fans mingle again. Fans should just believe the organizers that they will lead them to the next entrance – says Krainz on the way. The area of ​​the event is so large that the planned trip becomes a trip.

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This bustling anthill is 340,000 square meters. That’s 48 football fields. Leutgeb has never put on a show this big, says Krainz. Andreas Gabalier had around 90,000 fans and 120,000 people attended the Austrian Lakes Festival, though spread over several days. The stage itself is 150 meters long and 30 meters high. And if someone doesn’t see Helene Fischer, who is just 1.58m tall, huge video walls can help. Because with 129,999 other people, probably not every fisherman can keep an eye on this. The technology for her show is still practiced throughout the week so she can swim safely, but otherwise the area doesn’t look like a hit at all: more a giant construction site than a glitter ball, Mad Max instead of an ice princess. Visitors can expect glitter, confetti and special effects.

30 meters high, 150 meters wide – the stage where Helene Fischer will perform is huge.

Photo: Ulrich Wagner

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