These problems overshadow their mega show

Helene Fischer is giving her only concert this year in Germany on August 20th. Photo: / IMAGO / osnapix


Stephanie Wieczorek

Helene Fischer fans have been looking forward to this date for almost a year: before the pop singer embarks on a major tour in Germany and Austria with her current album “Rausch” in 2023 (70 shows in total), she will be in Munich on August 20 the only concert in 2022 – and it promises to be a mega show.

Helene performs outdoors at the Munich exhibition center and around 130,000 concert visitors are expected. The organizer Leutgeb announced on Instagram: “It will not only be the largest concert to date in the artist’s unparalleled career, but also one of the largest concerts ever held in Germany.”

In addition to waiting, there is also frustration and anger among the fans of “Breathless” as the numerous problems in the run cast a shadow over the concert. Watson summarizes what needs to be considered and what the discrepancies are.

Long wait, no support!

The concert will be held at The event website will be opened at 12.00. From Fans with an “Early Entry” ticket have access to the concert site at 14.00, regular admission begins at The concert is scheduled for 10.30 pm.

If you arrive at 12:00, you will spend eight hours on the exhibition grounds before you can even see and hear Helene Fischer – quite a long wait. In the program booklet, the organizer promises: “You have a rich entertainment and gastronomic program at your disposal.”

But for many fans, this is not enough, they lack the support that makes it easier for them to wait. For example, one user wrote on Instagram: “And that without any pre-program? And then only 2.5 hours for Helene. Even the concert in the stadium was longer, or her Christmas performances.”

When asked by a fan on an Instagram post, the organizer did not provide any further information. He simply replied, “The program remains as stated above.” It is still speculated whether there will be an opening act. For example, one user suggested: “Helene has always had opening shows at her open air and always very famous shows. I would be surprised if they were not there. I think they are trying to increase the excitement, which is already great. “

To date, Die Prinzen and pop singer Melissa Naschenweng have been brought into the game as possible support bands. But singer Luis Fonsi would also be an option, as the song “Vamos a Marte” from their current album is sung by Helene and Fonsi.

This ban especially upsets fans

There is one more thing that annoys fans about the long wait: Visitors are not allowed to take power banks with them. This prohibition is not understood by some users.

“I cannot understand why power banks are not allowed. Especially with long waiting times, ”Insta criticized. And another comment in this context: “With so much time on the page, it’s important to be able to guarantee that you can reach your companions (which might not be possible with some cell phone batteries if you’re standing there in the morning).

It is scheduled for rain and storms

Fans are informed in the program booklet and on Instagram that the concert will also be held in light rain. For personal protection against rain, consider raincoats and raincoats. On the other hand, umbrellas and toddlers are not allowed.

Leutgeb wrote on Instagram: “Tomorrow we can expect the weather in late April from the current perspective, which means it can rain from time to time! Most importantly, there will be no storms! ”

That’s probably for the best, because a storm contingency plan doesn’t sound particularly fancy. As reported by “Abendzeitung”, the poviat administrative council and the organizer’s manager will deal with possible measures in the event of a storm in advance. Police and fire brigades are also involved.

As stated, the four groups meet every 30-60 minutes to discuss the current situation. This is to allow you to respond appropriately to a potentially impending storm. According to the organizer, Leutgeb Entertainment Group and KVR, there is an evacuation plan in this case. Part of this project is to ensure the safety of those present in “solid buildings”. Even demolition is not excluded in the event of severe storms.

Ticket prices already caused problems in September 2021

Already at the announcement of the concert in September 2021, Ticket prices caused frustration among Helene Fischer fans.

The cheapest tickets were available for 69.99 euros. However, these are standing places. For the cheapest seats, fans should pay EUR 169.99 per ticket. If you want to be particularly close to Helene during the show, you’ll have to pay 199.99 euros again for the “Diamond Circle”, but you get the added benefit of early admission. For the best fan experience, there was also a premium VIP package for € 599.99.

Did the prices actually deter some fans from buying a ticket in the end? One thing is for sure: at the beginning, the concert was advertised with the information that 150,000 spectators would have the opportunity to experience Helene Fischer’s concert. Now, the concert organizer said that 130,000 tickets had been sold and talked about a sold-out concert.

This discrepancy has also been noticed by some users. “I thought the place had 150,000 spectators?”he said from a fan’s side. At the same time, he made it clear: “130,000 tickets sold are amazing. My demand should not devalue this. I just wonder how it can be sold out for 130,000 when it has a capacity of 150,000. ” Another commented: “But there are still 20,000 tickets missing. And there were dozens of tickets for Fansale as well.

All in all, the advertisement of Helene Fischer’s one and only concert this year could be better. Hopefully Helene and her fans will have a great concert experience despite these construction sites.

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