Chaos weather at Helene’s concert – fans must dodge in Halle

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Helene Fischer’s fans got wet before the concert. A storm cell passed over Munich. © IMAGO / Daniel Scharinger / Daniel Karmann / dpa

Helene Fischer will play a mega concert tonight in Munich-Riem. First in Munich it drizzles, then it pours like cats and dogs. The fans are evacuated.

Update August 20 18:48: There was probably more than initially assumed. The many Helene fans who were already there got wet. However, for their protection, the organizer decided to evacuate them to the nearby exhibition halls, as can be seen in the photo. “Between 30,000 and 40,000 fans have already been brought into the halls, sitting on the radiators here to warm up. Many viewers are frustrated because some of them came from far away, ”writes the picture’s reporter.

It was around 5:30 pm. An hour later, everything is clear. The rain stopped and the fans were allowed to return to the pitch. The concert can take place as planned. It is a good thing that many ticket holders have already obtained the appropriate rain gear. There are always comments on the Internet, such as: “First I will buy rubber boots” or “Who else is coming out today and would prefer to buy galoshes?”

The storm lingers over Munich – but the concert should take place

Update August 20 15:50: Is something going towards the concerters in Riem? DWD has now defined its warning. There they now speak of the Munich area: “Local storms are coming from the northwest. There are heavy rains with rainfall of up to 25 l / m² per hour, as well as wind gusts of up to 60 km / h (17m / s, 33kn, Bft 7) and fine-grained hail ”. valid from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. With a bit of luck, the scarecrow will pass when the main attraction of the concert starts.

Is Helene Fischer's concert in Munich threatening to collapse?
Is Helene Fischer’s concert in Munich threatening to collapse? © IMAGO / Daniel Scharinger / DWD screenshot

Update August 20, 15:00: He still drags over the capital of the state and thus over the countless fans of Helene Fischer who have come especially for the big concert on Saturday night. 130,000 fans are expected at the fair. There is still a fear that the concert may not be held due to the storms announced for the evening. The organizer emphasizes for no reason. From the current standpoint, there is no need to panic, a spokesman for the Leutgeb Entertainment Group said.

Helene Fischer in Munich: DWD predicts storms and rain

If something changes, visitors will be informed immediately. Currently, there is no storm warning in Munich, but heavy rains should not stop at the southeastern tip of the Alps, as it is in the west of Upper Bavaria. Storms could occur in the state capital itself in the afternoon, according to DWD, and various weather services said it would rain again in the evening. So not the best conditions. Nevertheless: The introduction has already started, the first fans are already wandering around the concert venue – well wrapped in rain ponchos and rain jackets.

Prepared for any eventuality: Helene Fischer's fans are unlikely to make ends meet on Saturday.
Prepared for any eventuality: Helene Fischer’s fans are unlikely to make ends meet on Saturday. © IMAGO / Daniel Scharinger

Update August 20 8:45: 130,000 fans are looking forward to their evening with Helene Fischer and wonder if the current weather will allow them to show up at all. The weather map around Munich does not look relaxed at the moment. The German Weather Service issued the highest warning level for much of Upper Bavaria on Saturday morning. Expect heavy rainfall from Ebersberg east of Munich to the edge of the Alps.

Helene Fischer’s concert in Munich: will the weather hold out?

But there is also good news: Weather warnings are time-limited and expire – from Saturday morning – until afternoon at the latest. In addition, the potential for heavy rainfall is likely to shift to the edge of the Alps and away from the state capital. So it is unlikely that the concert will completely drown in the evening.

Bad news: When the continuous rain stops, the possibility of thunderstorms again increases significantly in the evening. According to the German weather report, rains and storms from the west will once again move over Bavaria in the afternoon and evening. It remains to be seen how exactly they will rush over Munich. You can read live every weather development for Munich-Riem throughout the day. Until then, concert-goers should dress warmly. Because the temperature will continue to drop in the evening.

Update August 19 15:29: Wet and happy hits: it’s expected to rain on Saturday on the day of the great open-air concert by Helene Fischer at the Munich exhibition center. The organizers rejected reports that the appearance of the star might be canceled due to bad weather. There is no rejection in the room. “From the current perspective, there is no need to panic,” Leutgeb Entertainment Group said Friday.

Helene Fischer in Munich: organizer forecasts the weather

The concert organizer relied on a team of meteorologists and experts – they assessed the weather situation on an ongoing basis. “We can expect somewhat unstable April weather with possible rainfall, sometimes even sunshine, but no storms,” ​​a spokesman quoted.

Update August 19 12:33: Weather capers are disrupting Helene Fischer’s concert scheduled for Saturday. Even rehearsals for the concert suffered on Thursday. “We had to cancel, here’s the ground under the water,” confirmed organizer Klaus Leutgeb picture. If the rain becomes too intense on Saturday, it is also possible to evacuate the area.

Update August 19 9:21: The portal provides for a whole hour of sunshine Online weather valid for tomorrow, Saturday, which is expected to be extremely rainy with isolated thunderstorms. Therefore, Helene Fischer fans must be prepared for an extremely uncomfortable visit to Munich. The German Weather Service (DWD) warns of “continuous heavy rain” until Saturday morning (8 am). Bitter for party guests: Umbrellas are not allowed at the concert venue (see original message).

Weather for Helene Fischer’s concert in Munich: the weather service has already warned you

Original message:

Munich – This will be the biggest concert a solo artist has ever played in Germany. When Schlager’s star Helene Fischer takes the stage in Munich-Riem Saturday night, over 130,000 fans will cheer at the exhibition center. A megaconcert will be a great celebration, which will be held in parallel with the European Championship in the capital of the state. The big question around this: Does the weather, which has been set to mid-summer for weeks, take a rain break for a Schlager show? Concert-goers should definitely pay attention to the weather.

Once again, the heatwave has brought high temperatures to Munich in recent days. Throughout the summer, hardly any rain fell from the sky, which led to a huge drought problem in Munich and the region. Now, on the big concert weekend, that will suddenly change. The German weather service warns in advance of severe storms and continuous rain. It should start on Friday, August 19, early in the morning. It should dry out only late Saturday evening.

The German weather service announces severe storms and continuous rains in advance for Munich and the region.
The German weather service announces severe storms and continuous rains in advance for Munich and the region. © Screenshot: German weather service

“In some areas, much higher volumes are to be expected, around 80, locally around 100 liters per square meter,” DWD said in its report. The weather portal wetteronline is already alerting you. The worst should fall from the sky on Friday, but it is also expected to rain on Saturday, the portal forecasts 5-10 liters per square meter for the evening. In the afternoon the risk of storms will increase. So it should be clear: everyone who is supporting Helene Fischer on Saturday night should have the right clothes ready, because be careful: Despite the announcement of the storm, umbrellas are not allowed on the concert site.

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