Helene Fischer’s mega concert is in danger of being canceled!

Author: Mark Pittelkau and Alexander Friedrich

Heavy cloudburst again +++ 130,000 visitors expected in Munich ++ Powerbanks and umbrellas forbidden ++ Hotel prices are skyrocketing

Mega concert! In a mega storm?

Although the German meteorological service warns of heavy rains and storms in Munich, Fischer fans do not abandon their expectations. Today 130,000 are expected in the exhibition center in the Bavarian capital – more than ever at a Helene Fischer concert (38).

BILD reports on site from the concert of the year. It threatens to sink from above, in the literal sense of the word. Even the rehearsals had to be stopped early. On Saturday afternoon it was raining again.

At 5:30 pm the decision was made: 130,000 fans on the spot had to be evacuated to the halls!

The concert will be canceled soon!

Tens of thousands of fans in the exhibition halls

The situation on Saturday in Munich: continuous rain. At around 2pm the sky finally cleared.

Heavy rain again around 5:00 PM. heavy rain! The contingency plan previously developed by the city of Munich is therefore effective: tens of thousands of spectators are accommodated in the exhibition halls.

BILD reporter Mark Pittelkau is on site. He describes the situation as follows: “Between 30,000 and 40,000 fans have already been brought into the halls and are sitting on the radiators here to warm up. Many also dry their clothes on radiators. Viewers are frustrated because some of them have come from far away. “

So says the weather expert

climatologist dr. Karsten Brandt from Donnerwetter.de to BILD: “It can always rain shortly before a concert. The radar still shows rain clouds. Only after 8 p.m., that is with the beginning of the concert, the rains stop and it gets dry. The risk of rain drops from 100% to 20%. Everything will be fine, just be patient. This time, the last minute brings improvement. “

Rush of fans in raincoats

The fans were not deterred by the weather forecast on the day of the concert. The gates are open to the south.

Despite the uncertain weather conditions, friends Heike, Doris and Heike arrived from their hometown of Bamberg the day before the concert.

Heike do BILD: “We share a hotel room. It costs 300 euros a night. Hotel prices across the city are very high right now because of the concert. You won’t find cheap accommodation anywhere. But Helene is worth it to us.

Christopher and his girlfriend Susen from Saxony-Anhalt also arrived the day before.

Susen to BILD: “Of course it’s a pity the weather is not good. But when Helene takes the stage tonight, the sun will come out too! It was like that at every concert we’ve seen.

Admission to the exhibition center in the eastern district of Riem is in full swing from 5:00 PM. Thousands of people flock to the security gates in the afternoon. Most often in raincoats, because in the evening it can get wet again.

If you’re already there, be patient – up to eight hours before the concert starts! 4:00 p.m. then, ticket holders can also enter the concert area. Fans who lined up early will have to keep waiting there for that day.

According to the organizer, power banks are not allowed at all! The same goes for backpacks and selfie sticks. Many batteries in mobile phones may be discharged before the show starts. Anyone who absolutely wants to film their experiences with Helene is in danger of going empty-handed and therefore should spend their waiting time as analogically as possible.

For example, a lighter. This is the most popular item in the fan store. As BILD finds out on the spot, the lighters are already completely sold out by 2 p.m. Perhaps because many visitors will later run out of cell phone juice. And the waving lights is part of the concert.

The Fischer fan merchandise booth also offers the Helene Tour Hoodies (€ 75), a set of 2 bracelets (€ 10) and a set of friendship bracelets (€ 10).

Silver to Diamond: These are Helene’s best places

The auditorium of over 300 square meters is divided into silver, gold and diamond. The best area is the Diamond, right in front of the scene.

Tina (26), Jessi (29), Mona (34) from Munich had silver tickets for 97 euros but sold them at the train station to buy gold tickets from a private seller.

Tina to BILD: “We put a few euros into it, but now we are much further and we can see Helene better.” Already at 2 p.m. friends with other fans waited for admission to the gold zone, but only this opens at 4 p.m.

How are you doing at this time?

Mona: “We drink our favorite cocktail pool, there is a cocktail bar nearby. Two of us stand in line, one gets drinks. ” They do the same when one of them has to go to the bathroom.

Ute (53), Michelle (23) and Jana (27) from Thuringia bought Helene Tour T-shirts at the stand for 40 euros each. Also a set of four plastic cups for 20 euros.

Ute to BILD: “We also have silver tickets, but we only go around shortly before the concert because my mother is also with us, she is not as fit as we are and cannot last that long. But she is also a huge fan of Helene! “

But there is no storm? That’s why Helene fans can hope

The question remains about the weather … will it stay dry?

climatologist dr. Karsten Brandt from Donnerwetter.de to BILD: “In the evening the clouds clear up, the concert is dry and slightly cloudy. The chance of rain after 8 p.m. drops to 20 percent, so lucky for the visitors. However, in the afternoon you should still have your umbrella ready when there is a 50% risk of a thunderstorm. “

more on this

On Saturday afternoon, Johanniter Munich tweeted: “Riem is dry so far. However, later shorter showers cannot be ruled out. “

Incidentally, the entry ban also applies to umbrellas. Despite the storm warning. The Leutgeb organizer therefore asks visitors to bring “waterproof clothing or a rain poncho”.

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