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After ten years of SANTIANO it is time to conclude – with “Longing is my helmsman – best of 10” seafarers are now delivering. But there is no traditional Best Of, but an album with many exciting aspects. You can find out more about it in the current press release from the boys of the High North

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“Longing is my steersman – the best in 10 years”

VÖ: 10/07/22 by Electrola / Universal Music

Ten years have passed since a spontaneous meeting at an event formed a band that would break all records in Germany. In 2012, Santiano made one of the most successful debuts in the history of German music with her first recording “Bis to the End of the World”. More than five studio albums have kept the number 1 success series alive and in a short time gained a gigantic audience in all age groups and social classes.

Gold, platinum and diamond awards, and four Echo awards document their success. The sold-out tours took them through the largest halls in the country many times. Santiano remembers an amazing year in his anniversary year. With their new album “Tęsknota is my helmsman – the best in 10 years” they allow their fans to participate in this review, and also offer five new songs and many new versions of their greatest successes.

Of course, sailing, the thirst for freedom, and the fatal power of water run like red thread throughout Santiano’s work. And yet the scope of these five studio albums is huge: from the atmosphere of the port bar of their debut piece to the concert events, the music grew. Santiano has breathed new life into the shanties tradition with modern arrangements, and at the same time together with their Flensburg producers Elephant Music, they are constantly looking for new impulses and cooperation for their music.

In their lyrics, they quoted both musical riffs from famous rock songs, as well as melodies from film music, and marine themes from literature and poetry. All this bow can now be found on their Best of album as well. Songs such as “Everyone who is going on a private journey with us” on the album in a new rock version, or “Jest Only Water” have long since reached cult status as evergreens.

Santiano’s mother songs, especially “Hoch im Norden”, have become hymns regularly played in sports arenas or at folk festivals. And on the anniversary album, Santiano also shows a whole range of emotions, from great ballads such as the title “Die Sehnsucht ist mein Steuermann” to the atmosphere that guarantees “Tanz mit mir (feat. Faun)”.

One thing that has always been more important to the band and the five musicians than the awards and honors is the attitude. Santiano is particularly fond of two themes in word and deed, one of which is the concept of freedom that her songs sing about for a reason. By this Santiano means physical freedom from persecution and discrimination as well as freedom of the mind from excluding fear and prejudice. The band uses the closeness of the fans at each concert to reinforce this concept of freedom.

Her second major concern is how humanity treats the seas and the planet as a whole. Santiano goes far beyond generalities and supports specific projects such as those of the North German polar explorer and UN ambassador Arved Fuchs. During this process, the musicians also reflect on and deal with their own role, for example in an action to determine the ecological footprint of their recent tour.

Of course, this commitment is also reflected musically, on the one hand in songs such as “Lieder der Freiheit”, on the other hand in the title single from the last album and their clear warning: “When the Cold Comes”.

The fact that Santiano is always looking for contact with the world and current events in the world is also evidenced by their greatest hit, which appears in a completely new version on the jubilee album: “Santiano (feat. Nathan Evans)”. Scottish musician Nathan Evans launched his own record in the music industry with TikTok’s “Wellerman” shanties at incredible speed and celebrated gigantic international successes. And after being a guest on several concerts of Santiano’s last tour in Germany, now there’s a joint version of Santiano’s biggest hit.

In addition, the jubilee album “The longing is my helmsman – The best of 10 years” includes another four new songs. In one of them, the team undertakes the difficult and adventurous fate of “Davy Jones”, known as the Flying Dutchman. Ode to the Sea strikes the thoughtful tones of life’s great questions and tells the musicians, from a very personal point of view, where they get their own rules from.

And “Through Every Storm” is one of those ravishing songs that, in a loving arrangement with acoustic guitar, violin and a slowly developing orchestra, develop more power than many songs with triple instruments. A message that Santiano stretches out his hand musically to his fans: “My word is valid at all times, in all places, in all the seas of this earth. We go through every storm together. “

It was certainly a challenge to condense those ten years into an album where all aspects of this band can be found. But “Longing is my helmsman – the best in 10 years” does exactly that and sets a musical concentration in which countless fans over the years have discovered their hearts for the North German band. New releases and songs also open up new, never-before-heard sides to Santiano, and recording their greatest hits with Nathan Evans is a further attraction for any fan of these unique artists.

The first single …Santiano (feat. Nathan Evans)â € is available for Download and Streaming as of 12/08/2022. You can see the video here:

Album …The longing is my helmsman – the best in 10 yearsâ € will be released on 07/10/2022.

List of titles:

  1. Santiano (feat. Nathan Evans)
  2. The wind knows the answer
  3. Davy Jones
  4. Ode to the sea
  5. Through every storm
  6. Dance With Me (feat. Faun)
  7. Wellerman
  8. Get up
  9. Forever (Valhalla) (Nordmann version)
  10. Anyone who goes with us on a raid (rock version)
  11. What do you love (orchestral version)
  12. God must be a sailor (anniversary mix)
  13. can you hear me
  14. Woe to me (anniversary mix)
  15. When the cold comes
  16. There’s only water (anniversary mix)
  17. In the North (Mix Anniversary)
  18. Songs of Freedom (To France) (Jubilee Composition)
  19. Johnny Boy (Dual Timer Version)
  20. Longing is my helmsman (feat. Synje Norland)


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