Helene Fischer: Concert in Munich – the surprise of the guests inspires the fans


Helene Fischer inspires at a megaconcert in Munich

Schlager Queen Helene Fischer performed on stage in Munich in front of approximately 130,000 spectators.

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Schlager-Queen Helene Fischer performed in front of 130,000 people in Munich. This was announced by a surprising guest star.

Munich. Some of their soaked supporters no longer expected Helene Fischer (38) to really show up. On Saturday evening, Munich is drowning in heavy, continuous rain, the water is stuck in the shoes, plastic ponchos stick to the body. But then the sun rises for a moment and suddenly the woman of the evening is hanging upside down on two ropes.

A wonderful blonde baby Schlagers she’s wearing a fringed lace-up dress and black shoes, and with her cell phone cameras, she calls her screaming fans to dance and sing. A cheerful acting acrobatic interlude is required fisherman physically a lot. “She wasn’t used to anything anymore,” she notes, breathing hard. Because Helene Fischer was gone for long.

Now she’s back. And how: After her baby break or the 38-year-old again? concert given – to 130,000 fans and announced by her ex-boyfriend Florian Silbereisen (41). The always happy presenter appeared before her spectacle outdoor show unexpectedly on stage and announced “exceptional Helene Fischer” with wet wet hair. The message of this surprising look is that everything is going really well between the previous pair of models three and a half years after the announced breakup.

Helene Fischer ends the baby break with a spectacular concert in Munich

A Russian-German woman from Krasnoyarsk in Siberia, who came to Rheinhessen with her parents as a small child, has big plans. AND appearance a superlative for which she interrupts a longer creative break. Only Fischer concert This year the biggest one in her career: the stage in the exhibition center is 150 meters long, dozens of cameras record the performance for the planned DVD release, there are thousands of helpers. It’s been a long time since you saw them shine like this.

In January 2019 he had fisherman She withdrew from public life and, despite the release of her eighth studio album, Rausch in 2021, never returned to the spotlight. Last year, she appeared in front of the camera in two concert films, most recently with Silbereisens in July Show ARD “The return of the big hit” as a kind of warm-up before the megaconcert in Munich. Apart from these carefully selected high gloss looks, the Fischer is rare. Read about it: Helene Fischer’s TV return with Florian Silbereisen

Helene Fischer concert: canceled due to the threat of a storm

The fans cheer her all the more blissfully in front of this giant stage down. “I thought my heart would break into 1,000 pieces,” blurted Fischer to the crowd. “This is what I have been missing for so long.” Corona locks she wanted to celebrate life again and present her album. It is connected with many emotions for her, also because of her “new situation”. Because: “I became a mom.” In 2021, she gave birth to a daughter.

It is known from the beginning that a trained music actress after concert will dive again. I trip a total of 70 shows will not start until next year. in industry hit there is talk of a clever advertising move that prevents the media from becoming saturated. In this way, he directs the hoop to several, perfectly arranged large performances.

Helene Fischer: A shining permanent star in German-language popular music

Nothing happens spontaneously and accidentally with the most commercially successful singer in the country. Helene Fischers success it would be unthinkable without talent and hard work, “says the man who became known as” Professor Schlager. ” music expert Ingo Grabowski. Critics accuse her that her songs are tradable mass commodities, but that doesn’t matter to anyone in Munich. “Their concerts are lavish stage shows,” says Grabowsky. – You shouldn’t take it lightly.

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When this hybrid of a fairy-tale princess and Madonna, after a few changes of outfits, started her super hit “Breathless through the night” shortly after 22:00 and it audience He roars enthusiastically, one thing is clear: he is still the star of German-language popular music. Fischer is a phenomenon – and he wants it to stay that way.

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