Helene Fischer: Mega concert – redemption news doesn’t come until 7:57 pm

The first fans are spreading their camping chairs on Friday afternoon. There are still over 30 hours until the scheduled start of the concert. Young people believe that the sooner they get there, the better. Error as will be shown.

The Germans have been sweating for weeks in tropical temperatures, but only for the weekend when Helene Fischer wants to top off all of Munich’s open-air superlatives, they ship like buckets. It was often wet in the previous days. The hit queen of Germany had to stop trying.

Tens of thousands run away soaked in exhibition halls

And it gets even worse: the menacing storm front heads to Riem, where the biggest concert ever held in Munich will take place on Saturday at the exhibition grounds.

130,000 viewers, 150-meter stage: This is the artist’s only concert this year, after a forced pandemic break and after becoming a mother, and it should be her biggest concert. The organizer is Austrian Klaus Leutgeb, who recently brought Andreas Gabalier to Riem and wanted Rammstein to perform at Theresienwiese on New Year’s Eve.

The idea of ​​Rammstein was a bubble, on Saturday the mega-event with Helene Fischer that had been planned for two years now threatens to burst: “We all didn’t know if we could do it,” he will say later. stage. Leutgeb had a lot of “stress with the authorities.”

The race for the best places starts at 16:00

Fans can enter the courtyard from noon, and to the concert venue from 4:00 pm: the race for the best places begins. Meanwhile, in the city center, many Schlager fans who only want to reach Riem later, try to get hold of a raincoat or raincoat at the last minute. But: “The ponchos are sold out all over town,” says the saleswoman from Müller im Tal. “From Friday.” So makeshift large garbage bags are cut to size, plastic bags and galoshes are slipped over sneakers. Some concert-goers wear knee-length rubber boots and many wear mountaineering boots. “It doesn’t help, bad weather. We want to see Helene! ” – says the woman from Gottingen.

Fans came from all corners: Flensburg and Berlin, Bochum, Lake Constance and Austria. They booked hotel rooms, stayed with friends and relatives and spent a lot of money.

“He sings great and looks good,” said eight Cloppenburg men

Eight young men from Cloppenburg who have known each other since kindergarten flew in together. “It was cheaper than taking the train.” Friends have already attended other Helene Fischer concerts. “She sings great and looks good,” says one.

Many others are watching it live for the first time. “I’ve only seen her on TV so far,” says Jocelyne from Munich, “I think she’s doing a great show. My son gave me tickets. “

He sings “Best Drunk Songs” to two Marines. “She is always there when we celebrate. You can sing along to their songs.

Men, women, young, old – Helene Fischer has fans of all ages. Two families who are friends from Karlsruhe took their children. Ella (5) and Luisa (7) are not yet in school, but they already know the words to their favorite songs (“Atemlos”, “Herzbeben”) by heart. Parents spent 100 euros on the ticket, including for the little ones – there is no discount for children for the XXL concert in Riem.

When the gates of heaven open at 5:00 PM, tens of thousands are running through gigantic puddles

Until her star finally sings and dances in perfect style and hovers a few times in the air, it gets really wet for the fans again. At 5:00 p.m. the gates of heaven open, it pours so much that everything is soggy. Tens of thousands run for protection through huge ankle-length puddles, some climb up railings in the vain hope that their feet will remain dry.

The area is flooded within minutes. The fire department needs to relax, the city’s emergency plan is in place: the exhibition halls are open to spectators.

Even so, very few people want to break up and go home. Around 6 PM the heavy rain finally stopped, it was just drizzling. Stewards let visitors pass without checking bags, and there are hundreds of umbrellas at the entrances – they are not allowed to enter the concert area, which is gradually filled with a sea of ​​colorful hooded coats.

At 19:57 a message appeared for the 130,000 fans of Helene Fischer

At three to eight, something suddenly happened that no one really believed: the rain had stopped, the sun turned orange-red. A great rainbow appears in the sky and Florian Silbereisen announces “the greatest evening” that “has ever existed in Munich”.

But not everyone feels that way. Simone (25) from Gelsenkirchen summed it up like this: “It was super well made, but too big. The spark didn’t really skip. Often she didn’t even know where Helene Fischer was. “It’s a pity when you can only see them on the screen, even in the most expensive armchairs.”

This article was written by Nina Job

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