Interview with Nova Twins – “It’s the best feeling when the crowd and we are having fun together”

You’ve just come from the Czech Republic, you’ve been to Sziget. So now you do all the big festivals in Europe. What kind of feeling is it?

Georgia: Yes, that’s great. We were in Germany for three days, we played a concert in Prague – they were definitely some of the best shows we have ever played.

The frequency has not happened in two years due to the pandemic. Has playing live changed?

Amy: Yes, again everyone is really interested in live concerts and festivals.

Georgia: It’s also nice to see a little more variety on stage right now. Before closing it was mostly men and it’s nice to be invited to more festivals and to have a platform there.

This festival only has 15 percent of women and hardly any POC artists [Anm.: People of Colour]. What is it like to play somewhere and know that 90 percent of white men are now.

Georgia: Many festivals are still lagging behind. It’s great to represent at least 15 percent here. We hope that next year they will be inspired by the 15 percent who have played, or maybe 30 percent, and finally a half.

Georgia South and Amy Love are rocking Europe now.

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What music did you grow up with?

Georgia: When I was very young, Stevie Wonder, then Kanye West and that direction.

Amy: My mom listened to a lot of soul music, then I discovered glam rock. Then Bettie Davis, Kate Bush and we love Missy Elliot, Justin Timberlake. We just like a lot of different things, there’s not just one genre, we love everything.

Is there any music you listen to over and over now?

Georgia: Part of our warm-up before the stage is our Spotify Voices for the Unheard playlist that we made about the Black Lives Matters movement during the pandemic. There are some great POC artists out there, you should definitely check them out.

Do you have rituals to help you get in the mood?

Georgia: We’re warming up, body, voice. It’s a very energetic set and we prepare with stretching, pace, jumping, everything.

Nova The Twins

“Nova Twins” singer Amy Love during a concert in


And go down?

Georgia: We’ve got to wind down, usually we just lie down and enjoy it’s over.

What is it like to come off the stage after playing in front of thousands of people?

Georgia: There are two options, either we’re still full of adrenaline or we’re just going to crash completely.

Amy: It also depends on the concert. Usually we are completely drenched in sweat. But it’s a good feeling and it’s great to finally be able to play live again.

You released your debut album “Who Are The Girls” shortly before closing …

Georgia: Luckily we were able to drive around France for a week, then we had to go home.

What’s the difference between playing at a concert and going to one??

Georgia: When you’re on stage you have a lot of responsibility, but you also have a lot of fun.

Amy: You can relax in the crowd and not worry about it going all out. But when the crowd and we get together and have a good time, it’s the best feeling.

What was your first concert or festival?

Georgia: For me it was Beyonce when I was 11. I was at the front and that was just the best.

Amy: I don’t remember exactly, one of my best friends took me to Pink, Beyonce or Noisettes.

Nova The Twins

“Nova Twins” singer Amy Love during a concert in


You’ve played with some pretty cool bands before. Who else would you like to play with?

Georgia: Slipknot would be cool.

Amy: Cat Doja.

They are very different artists …

Georgia: We can combine the two.

Amy: Miley Cyrus would be nice too.

Georgia: I Korn.

Amy: We should play Rage Against the Machine. But the concerts had to be canceled. It was a bit of a dream.

But they talked a lot about you.

Georgia: It’s always nice, we’ve already toured with Prophets of Rage, which has members there. And they were always so helpful and kind. We forgot that they are the greatest rock stars in history because they were so modest.

Did they give you any good advice on touring?

Amy: Yes, they recommended a calf vitamin cream to help strengthen the muscles.

Does it help?

Georgia: Honestly, I haven’t tried it yet. We were going to set up a training club on the way. We have sneakers with us, but we never used them. But every concert is like training anyway, we play for an hour and it’s like HITT training.

I imagine life on the road is stressful, always a different city, but the same people.

Amy: I think we are very good at choosing the people who will be touring with us. They are all very calm and balanced. We also give ourselves enough space when we need it. We don’t drink that much either, I think it’s easier to argue with it. We are very healthy on the road.

Georgia: We eat a lot, sleep a lot, play a lot

Were you very productive in closing and you produced the album “Supernova”?

Amy: Yeah, we were lazy and a little sad at first and just watched Netflix. But when we started writing, that was our way out. We wrote the song and felt we had a purpose again. Then we focused on this creative process and then suddenly we had an album. It was nice to have this time and this freedom.

Georgia: We were also more involved in production. We had more control because we recorded it at home.

You’re probably touring all summer now?

Amy: Yes, then the USA, then Europe, then Australia. And then album number 3.

Georgia: But at least we’re home for Christmas this year!

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