Music, party and fun: Arion Weidenhausen is catching up on the party

“Choir meets Rock Festival”: Arion Weidenhausen mixed choir invites you to the festival. This is what guests can expect.

In 2020, the Mixed Choir of Arion Weidenhausen existed for exactly 50 years. A year later, in 2021, the club would be 140 years old. Weidenhausen singers were not allowed to celebrate any of these things with their friends and the villagers.

The story behind it can be quickly told in one word: Corona. The choir now wants to celebrate both events with a musical morning mug. It starts on Sunday, August 28 at 10:30 am in a tent on the sports ground in Weidenhausen. The hosts will present their music program from the project “Choir meets Rock Festival”. Visitors to the last rock festival in Schwarzenau could already hear and see it. Weidenhausen singing recitals are joined by singing friends from the Eintracht Berghausen 1890 male choir, MGV Oberndorf-Rüppershausen and Singsation.

Party atmosphere with music, football and company.

Another musical entertainment will be provided by the band “Rothaarsound” and DJ Sammy in the late evening. Football fans close to the tent also have something to offer: local footballers of FC Weidenhausen welcome the third wave of TuS Erndtebrück.

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“Eating and drinking – as the saying goes – is of course well cared for,” reports CEO Daniel Benfer. With fresh draft beer, soft drinks or a glass of wine, the kitchen serves not only fries but also fresh sausage and currywurst from the local Steffes-Hof. “Of course, we reheat our waffles to make the waffles according to Grandma’s recipe,” continues Benfer. So the food and drink are well cared for, and nothing prevents the club celebration from being invented. “The two-year hiatus in Corona was difficult for everyone – including us, the choirs. I am even happier that I can finally be back on stage with other singers and celebrate a great village festival with them and our inhabitants, ”concludes President Benfer. Singers and conductors of choirs are waiting for many visitors.

The origins of the choir

How it all began, you can read on the choir’s website: According to the old record books, 17 singers laid the cradle of today’s choir in Weidenhausen in 1881: They founded the male choir “Sanctus”, which was only called “Arion” Weidenhausen from 1903. From the beginning of its existence, the choir had a significant impact on the life of the village and dedicated its activities to the service of the village and the church of Weidenhausen. Moreover, the choir was in touch with neighboring and friendly choirs from the very beginning. Singers from Weidenhausen must always enjoy singing together and participating in singing festivals.

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There is no other way to explain the 1914 charter change where a new paragraph 21 was added: “Anyone who refuses to return home with the club for the holidays or refuses to leave the club at least 100 meters from the marquee club leaving the festival to accompany is now paying 3 marks for the club’s cash register. ” . According to the portal, the critical point that threatened the existence of the choir was the lack of singers in Weidenhausen in the late 1960s. “Even today, the decision made at that time to transform a male choir into a mixed choir in 1970 can be seen as happy and trend-setting. Thanks to the interaction of the voices of women and men, the Weidenhausen Choir also gained in performance. ”

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In addition to successfully participating in choir competitions, for the singers of “Arion”, regular performances at the church in Weidenhausen, at family anniversaries or at friendly clubs’ events are of paramount importance: “We are a choir from a small village, we want to be the choir of this village and is still attractive.”

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