A surprise at her mega concert in Munich

Helene Fischer gave her biggest concert to date in Munich.Photo: www.imago-images.de / IMAGO / osnapix


Stephanie Wieczorek

What an evening! On August 20, Helene Fischer played the biggest concert in her career to date. In front of 130,000 fans, the singer performed at the exhibition center in Munich and presented hits from her new album “Rausch”, but also performed many famous songs, such as “Stąd w infinity”, “Herzbeben” or “Achterbahn” – “participation songs,” as she herself said that evening.

Before that, the concert was full of emotions. So it was speculated whether there would be an opening. After all, you had to wait up to eight hours to move. At 12.00, the first visitors were already admitted to the exhibition grounds. While there was no act of support in the program brochure, there were rumors that an unexpected performance should take place. It existed to some extent, just different than what many would believe.

Florian Silbereisen appears and Helene thanks him

By the time Helene entered the stage just after eight o’clock and gave her performance, Florian Silbereisen appeared in front of the audience quite unexpectedly, put him in a good mood and announced his ex-girlfriend.

“It’s nice to have you all here. Can you still It had been a long afternoon, but the end was over. We’re all wet, but this is a shit. She is behind the scenes, amazing Helene, and she is happy without it. She’s hot, now she’s as wet, sweaty as you, but she doesn’t care.

Florian Silbereisen did not miss his ex-girlfriend's concert.

Florian Silbereisen did not miss his ex-girlfriend’s concert.Photo: dpa / Angelika Warmuth

If someone had managed to gather so many people, it would be she, ‘he explained, adding: “I’m a huge fan and it’s crazy for me to be here for a while. We will have the best night ever here in Munich. He then sang “Breathless” briefly with the fans before shouting, “Here’s Helene Fischer!”

During the concert, Helene also said a few words to Silbereisen. After the song “Full Speed ​​Ahead,” she almost whispered into the microphone: “Thank you for being here, Flori.” Helene and Florian were a couple for ten years before they split up in 2018. Shortly thereafter, Helene made her relationship with Thomas Seitel public. Now they have a baby together.

The audience faced the storm

The weather was also a problem. On Saturday all days there was a storm warning. Even before the day of the concert, the weather was so bad that the rehearsals had to be stopped. On the decisive day, the Bavarian capital was also not spared. Unfortunately it was not a mild summer rain, but cats and dogs were pouring down.

It was not allowed to take umbrellas and toddlers, so the guests were creative: Some sought shelter under beer tents, others built shelter from the rain from the beer benches. Others use rain ponchos as makeshift roofs and galoshes. In the end, it got so bad that an instruction was issued to the audience: anyone who did not feel safe could wait in the covered exhibition halls for the concert to begin. The concert will definitely take place, it was underlined. As this was said, cheers erupted from Helene Fischer’s fans.

In the weather in Munich, you had to get creative.

In the weather in Munich, you had to get creative.Photo: dpa / Angelika Warmuth

After a long period of heavy rain, the storm slowly subsided and the sky brightened just in time for the performance to begin. Finally, a rainbow appeared over the fairgrounds. It only drizzled slightly during the concert, but the crowd persisted and celebrated without reservation.

The persistence of her fans deeply touched Helene. Addressing the audience, she said:

“Thank you so much for coming here today. My heart breaks into a thousand pieces. And hats off and my biggest thanks for staying here and celebrating for many hours. Your good mood is not in the basement at all, quite the contrary. Now it’s starting well, isn’t it?

Helene Fischer is celebrating with 130,000 fans in the open air.

Helene Fischer is celebrating with 130,000 fans in the open air.Photo: www.imago-images.de / imago images

The 38-year-old herself was also not spared the rain, because the stage was not covered. In the continuous rain, she finished the entire two-and-a-half hour concert.

Helene Fischer proposes a colorful outdoor spectacle

In the end, the persistence of fans definitely paid off, because Helene offered them a brilliant show: Pyrotechnics, flames, fireworks and lighting effects provided – nothing that modern stage technology has to offer was left out.

Plus, Helene gave it her best and played with all the terrain. Not only was she on stage Instead, they used a few ropes to hover over the crowd, perform tricks, or sit on a swing. Pedestals and moving parts also made the stage more relaxed and gave all fans a good view of the singer.

Helene Fischer gave a demanding concert in the open air.

Helene Fischer gave a demanding concert in the open air.Photo: dpa / Angelika Warmuth

Everyone knows Helene can sing. That evening she surprised us with a different kind of performance. With the song “Vamos a Marte”, she suddenly rapped at the moment her duo partner Luis Fonsi was actually singing in the song. The unexpected rap interlude was very well honored by the fans. The highlight was of course Helene’s mega hit “Atemlos”, which culminated in the evening before Helene’s encore. She will never forget this special evening, at the end she let the audience know – as did her fans.

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