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It’s an old saying: education is the key to (personal) success. However, not everyone is aware that this word has many aspects. Most likely, more thoughts about going to school; but education covers much more than the acquisition of knowledge: it ranges from discovering creative talents and physical training to personality development and self-knowledge. And if you experience something like this with like-minded people, you also benefit from the social aspect. This creates an environment where success can be felt immediately.

A place for knowledge, creativity, movement and more

Now for a key question: do you know the largest adult education institution in the German-speaking area? Correct: It’s about Viennese adult education centers. Without shame! The popular education movement has been an important part of Vienna’s history, culture and educational landscape for 135 years. As you can see, success is proof of this: 34 locations in Vienna, thousands of courses per semester, an extremely diverse and comprehensive offer – from children to seniors, from creative to vocational training.

The message and goal is to empower society and give people a chance to succeed on their own.

Several VHS offerings from various fields have helped turn my life story into my very personal sense of achievement.

Andrea, a regular participant in the VHS course

Motivation and opportunities for everyone!

Vienna’s adult education centers believe that individuality and personal development are crucial to a society worth living in. This includes aspects such as multilingualism, diversity and accessibility, as well as great diversity in education, work and leisure. In this sense, the wide range of courses offered by VHS offers countless opportunities for personal development. Those who take advantage of these opportunities can be all the more actively involved in society – and ultimately we will all benefit from it. Because social diversity, equity and affordable access to education and self-fulfillment are essential for a positive coexistence. Vienna’s adult education centers make all this possible thanks to the high-quality content of the courses, which are always designed according to current scientific and educational standards. No wonder that VHS has already received numerous awards that confirm the highest quality.

Shutterstock / DisobeyArt
Shutterstock / DisobeyArt

Learning and experiencing as a social process

The past year has shown us all how much we need active interaction with other people. The better that it is possible again. This means: Going out to learn new things together, gain experience, make discoveries, and enjoy experiences that have a lasting impact on our lives. All of these things are more than just activities – it’s a social process that is best done in direct exchange with like-minded people. That is why the Viennese Adult Education Centers attach great importance to the design of courses in which all participants and course leaders meet each other positively and on an equal basis.

Everyone can and should discover their (hidden) talents.

Student of Adem, Language Talent and Adult Education Center

Free short courses at VHS-Bim herald a week of popular Viennese education: tasting offers, tips, discounted study card and discount on course booking make you want to deepen your education. Education is the best way to do something good for yourself and celebrate success.

Adult education centers in Vienna begin the fall semester on September 26 and offer thousands of opportunities for this. Before that, however, there is a week of Viennese Popular Education where you can enjoy hundreds of courses for free!

Do you do gymnastics for the office on the tram, yodel through the window, discuss energy-saving tips or learn your first phrases in Ukrainian? This and much more is possible with VHS-Bim, because in Viennese adult education centers on September 19 it is “Please come on board!”.

Viennese folk education week: 10% discount!

The activity of the VHS takes place as the starting signal for the Viennese People’s Education Week from 19 to 23 September. A week before the start of the official VHS semester, people interested in education will receive numerous offers from tasters and language advice.

For everyone who book a course this week, we have a special treat: you will get a 10 percent discount! All information about Viennese Popular Education Week and the discount requirements can be found at

Celebrate success and gain experiences

Do you want to finally experience something interesting again with other people? Do you exchange ideas with like-minded people on topics close to your heart? Study for work or improve your job opportunities? Wake up dormant talents? Or maybe just get new experiences and really enjoy life as it should be? Then browse the courses offered by Viennese Adult Education Centers here. Time for success!

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