Movie Park: Plage spoils the fun for visitors – “So brutal”

Movie Park: THIS problem spoils it for visitors – “Never experienced so brutally”

08/22/2022 at 14:08

Movie Park, Phantasialand and Co.: these are the most popular theme parks

Movie Park, Phantasialand and Co.: these are the most popular theme parks

Whether it’s for adrenaline addicts or for family trips: amusement parks are a popular destination.

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For a visit to film park In Bottrop, visitors usually spend the whole day – after all, there is something to see. The trip should be worth it.

But at the moment, some visitors to the amusement park spoil the mood for many film park And they didn’t even pay for admission.

Movie Park: YOU spoil the fun for the visitors

Holidays are still going on in NRW and amusement parks are very much in demand at this time of year for families with children. But the wasps seem to feel fine there as well. On Facebook, visitors are reporting a real wasp plague, which makes the visit a real challenge.

“It’s crazy this year. I have never experienced it so violently, ”writes one woman. Many others agree with her. However, the problem is probably represented all over Germany. Regardless of whether you are organizing a cozy barbecue in the garden, on the balcony or swimming in the lake – uninvited insects are always buzzing around you.

And it’s no wonder. After all, the current weather conditions are perfect for os. In extreme temperatures and drought, they can reproduce optimally – much to the disappointment of many.

Movie Park: Wasps are aggressive – THEN it gets really dangerous

Some Movie Park fans report outright horrors. Small animals are becoming more and more dangerous, especially for children. Here are some references:

  • “This year, the wasps are very blatantly represented in the park again, and it’s just fucking annoying. On Saturday, 2 of my friends were bitten directly.
  • “As soon as you throw something in the trash, hordes of wasps come out. It’s really bad this year, if it’s not the park’s fault.
  • “We were in the Park yesterday and it was really extreme. It felt as if every third child was approaching us with ice packs on their faces because they had been bitten. “
  • “My grandson, 16, swallowed one last Tuesday. We talked with paramedics. According to their statement, 20 nests have been removed in the last 2 weeks ”.
  • “Really bad. We were there on Saturday and a wasp fell into the little boy’s ear and stung him. Father had to take the shitty cattle out of the ear. The girl was stabbed in the lip.

It can be really dangerous if people have an allergic reaction to the bites. This is often seen in the appearance of redness and blisters at the puncture site that can spread throughout the body.

Affected people can experience shortness of breath, nausea, tachycardia, and dizziness – in worst case scenarios, even anaphylactic shock that can be life-threatening. If you experience any of these symptoms, it’s best to see your doctor right away.

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Some visitors to Movie Park already know at least how to defend themselves against annoying insects. They take a small water pistol with them to the park – at least it’s supposed to keep the wasps at bay.

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