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It starts all over again! It’s been a good three years since the last sounds of the open air were heard on Schlossplatz in Coburg. Michael Patrick Kelly was the guest on August 18, 2019. The day before Mark Forster was on stage indulging in a little gag: it was on display, but at least he pretended to be calling a good friend from the live stage. That good friend was Sido. The rapper was then shown on screens and spoke to Mark Forster. A good three years later, Sido will now stand personally on Schlossplatz in Coburg.

11,000 fans expected

The concert with Sido – that’s for sure – will be the most visited concert this summer. About 11,000 tickets had been sold by Tuesday afternoon. About 10,000 fans are expected for Sarah Connor on Thursday, which means the capacity limits have nearly been reached. Because with Sarah Connor Schlossplatz will be partially seated.

This year there are five concerts at HUK-Coburg-Open-Air-Summer at Schlossplatz.

This year there are five concerts at HUK-Coburg-Open-Air-Summer at Schlossplatz.

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Other dates are: Friday Avantasia (no seats), Saturday James Blunt (full seats), Sunday Pur (no seats).

A spectacular light show awaits

The logistic effort is not only about repeatedly setting and cleaning the chairs. There is also a lot to do on stage in between concerts. Because each artist brings his own equipment, which is installed on stage and then disassembled again. Incidentally, Sido has a lot of gear with him. It is said that fans can expect a spectacular light show. It is for this reason that the counterattack starts a little later than originally planned. “For the light show to work, it has to be a bit dark,” explains Navina Ahmann of the Bamberg event service.

The following schedule is planned for Wednesday: Admission from 6pm and from 8pm Hamburg rapper Tom Hengst will perform as their first opening performance. By the time Sido comes on stage as the main act, it could be 8:45 or even 21.

Avantasia also starts a little later

There is also a time shift for the concert with Avantasia on Friday: now it only starts at 8pm (admission from 6pm).

As a particularly large number of visitors are expected for Sido, Sarah Connor and Pur, there is an additional entrance for these three concerts: In addition to the actual main entrance at Wettiner Anlage (accessible via Steingasse), fans can also come to the corner of Grafengasse / Herrngasse (opposite Loreley restaurant) to Schlossplatz.

Strict security checks

However, the Wettin will only have an evening ticket office. As reported by the Bamberg event website, tickets for all concerts are also available at the box office, but for Sarah Connor it is probably just a standing space. The evening ticket office opens at the latest when admission starts (see hours below). The event service also points out that strict baggage checks are carried out at the entrance. For security reasons, bags are only allowed up to a maximum DIN A4 format. Hence the appeal: “Pack only what you need to avoid long waiting!”

And since nothing exists, the following information is also available: Folding picnic chairs and blankets, as well as glass containers, cans, Tetra Packs, any kind of umbrellas, laser pointers or pyrotechnic items are not allowed. It is also forbidden to bring professional cameras, selfie sticks, tablets or video cameras. Food is also not allowed on the premises. However, no one needs to starve. “There is a lot of gastronomy on site” – says the announcement from the event service in Bamberg.

All concerts at a glance

Wednesday August 24:

Sido (admission from 6:00 PM, start at 8:00 PM); Supporting Actor: Tom Hengst; Shuttle buses run from Lautererhöhe to the city center

Thursday, August 25:

Sarah Connor (admission from 6.00 PM, starts at 8.00 PM); no opening act; Shuttle buses run from Lautererhöhe to the city center

Friday, August 26:

Avantasia (admission from 6:00 PM, start at 8:00 PM); no pre-program

Saturday, August 27:

James Blunt (admission from 6pm, starts at 8pm); Opening Act: Avec; Shuttle buses run from Lautererhöhe to the city center

Sunday August 28:

Pur (admission from 17.30, starts at 19.30); Introductory program: Viva Voce (7.30pm) and Füenf (8.15pm); Shuttle buses run from Lautererhöhe to the city center

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