Doctors at Tempelhof airport: tickets, dates, how to get there – all about the concert three of the “best team in the world from Berlin”

As soon as Die Toten Hosen left the stage at the former Berlin-Tempelhof airport, there are more German punk veterans in the starting blocks: doctors. Three open-air concerts is a self-proclaimed game in a row “The best in the world from Berlin” over there. To the delight of fans who have long been waiting for joint performances Farin Urlaub, Bela B and Rod I had to wait. It took a whole seven years before the 2020 trio with Album “Jasny” to be heard again. A year later, they released their fourteenth studio album “Dark” after. And as if two albums weren’t enough, there were also two tours that now lead to a concert hat-trick. All information about the weekend Die Ęrzte in Tempelhof.

The most important things at a glance

● Doctors are playing August 26, 27 and 28 three concerts in Berlin

● Place it Tempelhof airport (Platz der Luftbrücke 5, 12101 Berlin)

● Admission to the concert area: 14.30 (August 26 and 27) and 13.30 (August 28), concert starts: 18:00 (August 26 and 27) and 17 o’clock (August 28)

Medical drummer Bela B. at the 1st

Medical drummer Bela B. at the 1st “Medical Competition” at the RheinEnergieStadion in Cologne.
© Photo: Rolf Vennenbernd / dpa

Are there any tickets for one of the doctors’ concerts at Tempelhof?

Unfortunately not. All three concerts are Sold Out.

For all those desperately combing the back of the internet: Be careful! The fact that there are apparently still quotas on ticket exchanges such as Viagogo, Ticketbande and Co. should enjoyed with caution will be. Not only are tickets offered by private vendors overpriced, but often do not arrive on time. Even worse: sometimes it is like that not real tickets at all?. The organizer of the Loft concert clearly indicates that apart from OPM / Bademeister and Eventim no retailer is authorized to sell tickets and therefore did not come with the original cards.

Which bands play as support?

On Friday, “the best team in the world from Berlin” will present Donuts accompanies. In addition to alternative rockers from Ibbenbüren, the Berlin trio completes Shirley Holmes introductory program.

For Saturday’s concert, Spandau genre combiners with SDP Such as Muff Potter announced as opening acts.

The Tempelhof concert series will end with the support of Swedish rockers from Royal Republic and a German punk formation Dead end kids.

What’s the best way to get to Tempelhofer Feld?

Public transport

There are several metro lines to reach the huge event venue. this Line U6 runs to the underground station on the west side of Tempelhofer Feld Airlift square, parade street as good as Tempelhof underground and city rail station on. Also who with U7 stations Gneisenaustraße or Mehringdamm from there you can walk (about 30 minutes) to the field. The same goes for traveling with U8 to the station Boddinstrassewhich lies east of the field.

Also from Ringbahnlinien z S-Bahn S41 and S42 as good as S45 and S46 go to the concert hall. Bus stop: Tempelhof.

By bus is it with this? M43 to the stops Platz der Luftbrücke, Columbiadamm / Friesenstraße, Golßener Straße and Friedhofe.

this admission ticket it’s off two hours before admission and until 3 am the next day Valid for arrivals and departures in the Berlin fare zone ABC.

Tempelhof Sounds, Die Toten Hosen and now Ęrzte-Tripel - the former Tempelhof airport have often been the venue for concerts.

Tempelhof Sounds, Die Toten Hosen and now Ęrzte-Tripel – the former Tempelhof airport have often been the venue for concerts.
© Photo: Bernd von Jutrczenka / dpa

Arrival by car

Or rather difficult. Stand near the venue of the event Do not park for disposal. The organizer advises those who have no other choice “Park and Ride” and avoiding long distances. Parking spaces are available at the Masurenallee exhibition center, Hammarskjöldplatz and Jafféstraße. partially paid. From there you can take the S-Bahn (see above) towards Tempelhof.

I’m here, what’s the way?

who? official ticket automatically gets one from the ticket provider information mail with personalized arrival informationwhich assign one of the two inlets.

Admission to the concert area is from North through Columbiadamm:

in south the entrance is through Tempelhofer dam:

At both entrances there is a barrier-free entrance for the disabled.

Holders of the pass for disabled people marked with B can bring an accompanying person free of charge. A severe handicap pass must be presented at the entrance. The organizer asks visitors who want to bring medicines or all kinds of medical supplies to the event area to bring an appropriate proof of necessity.

What can I take with me to the concert site?

One per person 0.5 liter TetraPak or one 0.5 liter PET bottle only non-alcoholic content allowed.

Visitors can one Belt or hip bag or one Gym bag / Jute bagup to the size of approx. 20 x 20 x 30 cm (maximum DIN A4).

Liquids are also allowed Hygiene and health items up to 100 ml each in proper plastic jars (no more than 2 per person).

Not allowed on the premises …

Glasses, cans, canisters, drinking bags, firearms, cutting weapons, stabbing weapons and other weapons of all kinds, fireworks, sparklers, star throwers and other pyrotechnic items (including “Bengal fire”) and animals (excluding assistance dogs) ).

Weakness at the opening concert in Wuhlheide - the expected fun factor

What about availability?


They are located at both entrances Portable toilets for the disabled. The site is located barrier-free flush toilets. They are specially marked and equipped with wash basins, disinfectants and lighting. If you need a quiet place to relax? provide medical careI remember that integration team or medical corps on-site contact.

Raised platforms

The event site is located two raised platforms. Wheelchair users can take them with them Rolli-Ticket and their companions be used. Permanent reservation is not possible due to occupancy.

More seating options are available. The organizers ask people with a walking disability, a pass for severely disabled people or people of short stature on site to the team from the ceremony without barriers turn.

Mobile toilets without barriers are located directly at the platforms.

Buffalo Bill, Berlin MMXXII – How was it with the doctors’ trips?

Fans shouldn’t worry about it – but strictly speaking, the three shows at Tempelhof this weekend are part of it two different tours doctors. During the show on Friday on the Buffalo Bill Rome tour schedule belongs, which leads Farina, Bela and Rod through Germany, Austria and Switzerland, they both belong Saturday and Sunday concerts on the Berlin Tour MMXXII. This year, she led the trio through small and medium-sized clubs in the capital, such as Schokoladen and SO36, as well as on big stages at Zitadelle Spandau and now at Tempelhof Airport.

Where else will Die Ęrzte play this year?

For Berlin Tour MMXXII it was almost there. This last concert the tour of the capital takes place on Tuesday, September 6 in Metropol instead – and it’s sold out.

It is different on Buffalo Bill in Rome Tour outside. He still leads “the best team in the world from Berlin”. until mid-September by Germany and Austria. Tickets are still available for some concerts.

Buffalo Bill Tour in Rome – Other Dates

● 9/3/22: Minden – the shore of the Chancellor of the Weser pasture

● September 22, 2008: Graz – Messe Graz Open Air

● 22/09: Konstanz – Bodensee Stadium

● 22/09/2011: Mannheim – Maimarktgelände

● 15.9.22: Bad Hofgastein – Sound and snow

● 17 September 2022: Nohfelden-Bosen – Festwiese am Bostalsee

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