Johannes Oerding turns the Zeltfestival Ruhr 2022 concert into a partner exchange

At Johannes Oerding’s live concert on Lake Kemnader, visitors were offered more than just his songs. Suddenly she stands next to them.

Ruhr area – Thousands of fans waited up to two years for Johannes Oerding (40) to appear at the Ruhr Festival (ZFR) in Bochum and Witten, as the concert could not take place sooner due to the crown pandemic. And persistence has paid off in many ways.

event Ruhr Tent Festival
Location Kemnade Lake
date August 19, 2022 to September 4, 2022

Johannes Oerding at the Tent Festival in the Ruhr area – singer makes a romantic promise to fans in Bochum

The first of his two live shows at Lake Kemnade is also something special for the Münster native who shows the audience through music, humor and surprising actions. On Saturday (August 20) a lot of emotions await fans. From soulful ballads like “Heimat” to more rock songs and classics like “Alles brennt” to previously unreleased songs, there’s a lot to hear.

In addition to joy and energy, Johannes Oerding is already showing humor in the first song when suddenly his guitar breaks and he has to replace it. Johannes Oerding also welcomes the summer temperatures in a sold-out tent with a smile and jokes: “I have set the heating to level five.” Water bottles will be distributed to some fans during the performance at ZFR.

To this end, the 40-year-old quickly transformed the Ruhr 2022 tent festival into a partner exchange where fans had to shake hands and introduce their names. He also promises that if the couple actually get to know and get engaged in-game, I will “sing at the wedding.”

Tent Festival Ruhr 2022 has started – musician Johannes Oerding surprises fans at the concert

Many visitors to the Ruhr 2022 tent festival must have had butterflies in their stomachs when the North Rhine-Westphalia musician suddenly jumped off the stage and dived into the audience. This is the case of Johannes Oerding, who may be familiar to some fans from the music show Sing mein Song, spontaneously down to the last row of seats at the far end of the room. There he sings a special acoustic version of his hit “Kreise” for a fan.

On his way back through the audience, Johannes Oerding makes a short stop in one of the bars and enjoys a sip of beer before returning to the stage to play more songs (more Ruhr news on RUHR24).

Singer Johannes Oerding at the Ruhr Festival of Tents 2022.

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The fact that Johannes Oerding also has a private connection to the Ruhr is likely to surprise some fans. The musician has been in a relationship with the presenter and singer Ina Müller for some time (57). But sometime before that, the 40-year-old had a girlfriend in Witten whom he says he met while on vacation. “Maybe someone can call my ex-girlfriend Sarah in the meantime,” jokes the 40-year-old as he waits for his guitar in the stands between the seats at the end of the tent.

Johannes Oerding at the Ruhr Tent Festival 2022: the audience turns the tent into a doping arena

When he performed in the Ruhr Area, where the Bochum Total festival was previously held nearby, he took the opportunity. “If someone knows her, you can make contact and then go to Kai Pflaume,” explains Johannes Oerding with a grain of salt, based on Sat.1 “Herzblatt”.

But Johannes Oerding is not the only one who clearly enjoys a live performance and turns the audience into a huge choir, allowing them to sing over and over again. The audience celebrates and turns the tent into a stadium, like at the Ed Sheeran concert (31) at the Veltins Arena in Gelsenkirchen.

Singer Johannes Oerding at the Ruhr Festival of Tents 2022.

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It is no wonder then that just before 10 pm the fans loudly demanded an encore. But that’s not all – there is even an encore after the encore, when Johannes Oerding returns to the stage and sings the previously unreleased song “Kaleidoskop”.

The Festival of Tents Ruhr 2022 has started – earlier arrivals to the concerts are indicated

As a result, the initial stress of getting there was probably more than worth it for viewers. Will the audience be able to exceed this mood at the next Johannes Oerding concert on Sunday (August 21)? However, visitors cannot be as spontaneous as Johannes Oerding showed during a live performance. Tickets for the second concert are already sold out.

Singer Johannes Oerding at the Ruhr Festival of Tents 2022.

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Anyone who has managed to get a ticket and travels by car must be there early. Because the parking spaces around the site are just as popular as Johannes Oerding himself, and there is a fee of five euros in most car parks. If you don’t want to do this, you should travel by public transport. Buses run regularly from Bochum main station to the venue. Alternatively, guests from Dortmund can take the bus from Witten’s main train station to Lake Kemnader.

Without a ticket, fans of Johannes Oerding will have another chance to see him in NRW next year, as the musician will perform in Cologne, Halle (Westphalia) and Oberhausen in 2023.

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